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Travel and tourism is highly influenced by internet and online marketing trends. Check out the latest hot issues in the online travel world. Find out what gadgets and apps are available and why social media are so popular among tourism marketers.


Online Travel 2010: Convergence - Metasearch - Social Media - Location-aware Mobile Apps

Joe McClain

Predicting online travel trends and developments is relatively easy, however to say exactly whether and when they will happen or how to make the most out of them for your business is the tricky thing. Despite the economic shake-up that rocked almost all industries, the online travel market remained relatively untroubled and even grew slightly during the recession. Whereas the total European travel market faces a double-digit decline through 2009 and 2010 the online market share for leisure and ...

Internet as the Only Growth Channel in Hospitality

Denise Chen

The latest eTRAK Full Year 2009 report on hotel bookings by channel yet again confirms that today, the online channel is the only growth channel in hospitality. In the difficult economic environment, when travel supply outweighed travel demand by far, Internet bookings for the top 30 hotel brands increased by a remarkable 6.6% in 2009 vs. 2008 (eTRAK). This increase in Internet bookings comes at the expense of the GDS (Global Distribution System) and Voice Channels, both of which have been decli...

The Online Travel Market: Interesting Emerging Trends

Vanderlei J. Pollack

The rise of the Internet is undeniable and when it comes to marketing and selling travel, it is the ideal tool. This can be attributed to its growing infrastructure, interactive nature and accessibility. That, and the fact that the internet is one of the primary means through which consumers research and book both business and leisure travel. New Media Trend Watch reported recently that travel marketers are planning to increase their eMarketing budgets by between 11% and 50% in 2010. And with go...

Understanding Online Travel Marketing Trends: Opportunities and Challenges

Kevin Eagan

The bigmouthmedia’s Online Travel Report 2010 published last November summarizes the findings of the company’s survey.  The survey was sent out to the company’s database of travel clients, as well as to Tnooz – a third party website specialising in providing news and insights to the wider travel industry. In total 39 bigmouthmedia clients and 109 from the Tnooz database responded to the survey. Answers that had been completed by non-travel companies have been filtere...