Tourism Review Online Magazine 4 / 2010

Mar 29, 2010

Dear readers

Welcome to the April issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. If you are gloomy because the winter is over, pack your gear and set off for an icy tour. No matter whether you choose the north or south pole or even Icelandic glaciers you are sure to have some freezing fun. Read more in the Adventure supplement. For those who prefer a little bit of sun there is the Destination part this time focusing on South Africa. If you have enough of visit-five-countries-in-five-days tours and want to really get under the skin of your destination of choice, open the Ethical part presenting the popular Slow Travel movement.

Festivals and their meaning for local communities are the topic of the Heritage part. Visit a tea festival in British Columbia, literary show in Hong Kong, or even an arts fest in the heart of Europe – in Slovakia. First of all however get updated on the latest online travel trends in the Professional supplement. You might find some of the smart gadgets and apps quite useful. Enjoy the issue!

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage/ It’s Festival Time!

Laura Maudlin

- Mar 29, 2010

There are hundreds of thousands of festivals all around the world. No matter whether you are for films, books, arts, or history you can be sure there is a festival for you. Such events are however quite important also for the destinations’ tourism industry. Find out why.

Professional/ Tourism in the Online World

Dan Rang

- Mar 29, 2010

Travel and tourism is highly influenced by internet and online marketing trends. Check out the latest hot issues in the online travel world. Find out what gadgets and apps are available and why social media are so popular among tourism marketers.

Adventure/ Expedition – Frozen Tours

Wayne M. Gore

- Mar 29, 2010

Ever wondered where the best place to see the northern lights is? Or how to get to know Alaska or Iceland in the most adventurous way? Perhaps, you wonder what to do in Antarctica once you get there. Now you can find the answers.

Ethical/ Slow Down and Travel Slow

Joe McClain

- Mar 29, 2010

Slow travel is one of the movements within the tourism industry gaining in popularity not only among travelers but also cities and regions. Learn why globetrotters prefer slow travel, visit Orvieto in Italy and learn a number of tricks how to make your trip much more enjoyable.

Destination/ South Africa - It’s Possible

Larry Brain

- Mar 29, 2010

The event number one in SA in 2010 is without doubt the World Cup. However, the country has much more to offer. Discover local castle, visit Durban, or go for safari. South African spa industry is also dynamically developing luring not only locals but also foreign spa enthusiasts.