Destination/ South Africa - It’s Possible

The event number one in SA in 2010 is without doubt the World Cup. However, the country has much more to offer. Discover local castle, visit Durban, or go for safari. South African spa industry is also dynamically developing luring not only locals but also foreign spa enthusiasts.


South Africa: Tourism Industry to Cash in on 2010

Tomas Haupt

The South African tourism industry is standing in wait to cash in on the 2010 FIFA World Cup which will be held for the first time in Africa. Tourism Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk said the tournament, which kicks off in less than 100 days, would help to push up the number of tourists visiting the country to 10 million this year. While the global tourism industry shrank 4 percent last year as a result of the global financial crisis, South Africa still ended up in positive territory, said V...

Travel and Tourism in South Africa

Ashley Nault

According to Euromonitor International, in 2008, the South African economy continued to decline as the credit crunch deepened in to what many believe to be an impending recession that will last well into 2010, possibly longer. The decline comes as part of the economic cycle and the fact the South African economy has shown unprecedented growth since 2002. It is understood that no economy can grow indefinitely, but the question looms as to the severity of the current economic decline. Debt is at a...

The Free State's Castle Retreat

Vanderlei J. Pollack

Since the Normans and Visigoths first rampaged across Europe centuries ago, a castle has always been a place of refuge; somewhere to retreat to in times of peril, when the outside world threatens to break down all of your carefully laid defences; an impenetrable fortress where you’ll be safe from your worst enemies. South Africa’s Free State province may be thankfully free of marauding barbarians, but deadlines, emails and other office bores had been massing at the gates for some ...

South Africa Spa Industry Fighting Off the Crisis

Nils Kraus

South Africa is home to over 200 spas which collectively generated revenue of ZAR380 million (approximately USD47 million) in 2008, according to Intelligent Spas’ latest Spa Benchmark Report. Spas employed over 2,500 people, which was a 15% increase on 2007 employment numbers. 45% of spas were day spas (not co-located with accommodation) and 55% were destination spas incorporating hotel, resort and retreat spas offering overnight accommodation. The growth in hotel and resort spas developm...

Visit Durban – The Surf City

Daniel A. Tanner

Durban is the "girl next door' of South African cities – laid-back, fun, pretty and bursting with character. Situated on South Africa's eastern seaboard bordering the Indian Ocean, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban's year round summer climate makes it the ideal place to visit, especially if sun-drenched beaches and outdoor activities are what you're after. Durban – and KwaZulu-Natal – has one of the richest cultural heritages in South Africa, and is a melting pot of A...