Ethical/ Slow Down and Travel Slow

Slow travel is one of the movements within the tourism industry gaining in popularity not only among travelers but also cities and regions. Learn why globetrotters prefer slow travel, visit Orvieto in Italy and learn a number of tricks how to make your trip much more enjoyable.


Slow Travellers to Cities: Exploring a New Market Segment

Denise Chen

The slow movement started in Italy in 1986 through the creation of the Slow Food organization, aiming to preserve gastronomic traditions and organic agriculture against the homogenisation of food worldwide. The concept to regain time and the value traditions of quality and authenticity that are often neglected in today’s hectic societies was at the origin of other strands of the slow movement, such as Cittaslow and Slow Travel. Cittaslow for a Better Quality of Life Founded in 1999, t...

Italian Orvieto: Close to Your Heart

Cecilia Garland

Slow Travel, like the myriad of “slow” movements, is an outgrowth of the original slow movement – Slow Food. Slow Food was, of course, born in Italy in reaction to trends that tend to eliminate some of the traditional and proven ways that we enjoy and savor life. Orvieto, Italy is an interesting city presenting a snapshot of Slow Travel and not-so-slow-travel side by side. Orvieto is in Umbria an hour north of Rome. A classic hilltop town with Etruscan roots, it is headquart...

You Don't Have to See the Must-Sees

Nils Kraus

I think it was in Frommer's Europe on $50 a day, in the late 80s, where I first came across the idea of "must-sees", the main tourist attractions designated as required viewing in each place. Must-sees are like the checklist of activities for a place. Do those and you have done the place, like the character Chevy Chase plays in the movie "National Lampoon's European Vacation", where he walks around Paris with his check list, looks at a site for a minute, then happily checks it off his list. That...

Trend Experts Reveal the Travel Industry's Quiet Revolution

Michael Trout

Travel is undergoing a profound and even revolutionary shift, according to a broad new study by the leading global communications agency Euro RSCG Worldwide. The results of the study were released in KNOW magazine's "The Future of Travel: The New Vocabulary of Travel and Tourism." KNOW is a publication of the Euro RSCG Worldwide Knowledge Exchange, a global initiative that pushes knowledge and insights across the Euro RSCG network of agencies. Analyzing the findings of its study of 2,357 adul...

8 Ways to Spice Up Your Travels

Andrew J. Wein

Since travelling became a significant part of my lifestyle, I’d come to realize that a conventional travel itinerary was just not enough to feed my thirst for complete cultural immersion or adventurous endeavors. It was time to ditch the guidebook and delve a little deeper, to get to know my destination inside out. Slow travel (usually means spending more than a month at a place) definitely does the trick, but if you haven’t got the time, here are some other ways to help spice up you...