Heritage/ It’s Festival Time!

There are hundreds of thousands of festivals all around the world. No matter whether you are for films, books, arts, or history you can be sure there is a festival for you. Such events are however quite important also for the destinations’ tourism industry. Find out why.


It’s Festival Time: The Role of Cultural Events in the Tourism Industry

Andrea Hausold

They don’t call them festivals for nothing; it is exciting, unique and full of life; it is a prime opportunity to attract tourism, generate positive media coverage and boost the local community. Since we were kids, we all remember the joy and excitement of festivals: the colorful clothing, the live music and the sweet smell of cotton candy. Although times have changed, festivals are still a source of enjoyment for many. For those in the tourism industry, festivals also carry a positive im...

A Big Tea Party in Victoria, British Columbia

Michael Trout

In February 2010, the Victoria Tea Festival in British Columbia's capital, Victoria, celebrated its fourth successful year in a city long associated with tea and the rituals of tea. These include Asian and European traditions, along with many currently-fashionable options adopted from around the world. For the modest sum of CAD$20 in advance or $25 at the door for a weekend pass, visitors travel to Victoria for this event from across North America to experience the pleasure of totally immersing ...

Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival: Getting Better and Better

Andrew J. Wein

When a group of friends talking over coffee together came up with the idea, little did they realise that their idea for a literary festival would evolve into a premier event for bibliophiles in Asia. Perhaps not even referred to as a festival, the idea of bringing renowned writers to Hong Kong was new and exciting. Designed to celebrate creative writing in English, the Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival emphasizes writing with an Asian connection. The Festival features both estab...

Bazant Pohoda – Festival of All Arts

William Law

Island of peace. Different Slovakia. Second Christmas. These are just few adjectives used by media to characterize the summer multicultural Festival Bažant Pohoda, which takes place at the city of Trenčín’s airport every year in July. In the valley of the river Váh enveloped by mountains and beautiful scenery of Trenčín’s castle, Pohoda, which means well-being or peace in Slovak, tries to live up to its name. Famous Singers and Bands During the thirteen years...