Professional: Destinations Going Green

Getting green is the trend of the last decades. Before you start being envious – we are talking about sustainability. Let’s see what projects are under way in the world. Come and meet the Perthshire tourist board achieving praise for its green initiatives. Let’s travel to Tel Aviv and see what the Israelis can do with a huge mount of dump. Ever thought about the greenest city in Europe or U.S.?


Perthshire Tourist Board: Make Perthshire a Green Destination

Pat Hyland

Perthshire Tourist Board (PTB) is one of the 14 Area Tourist Boards in Scotland and is a partnership between Perth & Kinross Council, VisitScotland and over 1,000 local tourism businesses that join the board through its membership structure. The primary function of PTB is to work with local businesses to market Perthshire as an attractive destination in ways that generate additional spend in the area. PTB employs 60 staff and runs a Head Office and eight Tourist Information Centres (TICs), ...

Portland, Oregon: The Greenest City in US

Cecilia Garland

Half of Portland’s power comes from renewable sources, a quarter of the workforce commutes by bike, carpool or public transportation, and it has 35 buildings certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Portland's commitment to creating a healthy, sustainable city runs so deep that the Portland Visitors Association makes fun of the issue in its marketing motto: "It's Not Easy Being Green." It is no wonder other cities look to it for leadership and inspiration. Once more in 2008, Portland re...

Israel Initiates Largest Eco-Tourism Project In Its History

Wayne M. Gore

Israel has embarked on one of the world's most dramatic 'eco-friendly' initiatives, transforming the 2,000-acre Hiriya garbage dump on the outskirts of Tel Aviv into a magnificent park and 24-hour recreational hotspot. Since Hiriya's establishment decades ago, the ecological blight existed as an eyesore on the edge of Tel Aviv, complete with waste-eating pigeons and horrid stenches. Fast forward to 2008, the soon-to-be-completed 'Ayalon Park' will stand as one of the world's largest metropoli...

European Cities in Green Capital Awards

William Law

Since four out of five Europeans now live in an urban area, being green and keeping to the fashion of being green are of huge importance. The European attitude towards the environment is continually improving, as cycle lanes are now being applauded instead of scorned at by angry drivers and the emergence of parks is far more popular than the emergence of a smoking factory. The ultimate proof of European cities’ aspirations to be green is their entering into the European Commission’s Green Capita...