Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2009

Dec 29, 2008
Dear readers,

The winter holidays are over for most of us and the work starts anew. Maybe you are trying to get back in shape after the numerous celebrations; maybe you just seek some rest. In any case welcome to the newest TR magazine – in a new coat. Green is the prime color for many destinations and going green is a must in certain circles. The Professional supplement comes with the sustainability initiatives of several cities and boards. Green lawns are the topic of the Spa part too. This time we focus on the long lasting union of golf and spa and its numerous advantages for the resorts’ owners as well as visitors.

In the Transport supplement you will find out why coaches are the greenest means of transport and why it is good for your nerves to set out for a coach tour. Slovenia, the lovely post-communist, southern central European country, is the topic of the Destination part. Let us invite you to the huge Postojna Cave or the charming Bled. First of all, let’s have some fun and visit the most unusual hotels on the earth. Happy New Year!

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Weird, Weird Accommodation

Samuel Dorsi

- Dec 29, 2008
Crazy hotels – don’t you love them? Come and see how luxurious a cave hotel can be, what the world looks like from the top of the tree, or where Afghani people live. We cannot omit the notorious Ice Hotel in Sweden that once again opened its icy doors to the public. And of course no overview would be complete without a true prison hotel. By the way, have you ever seen a dog from the inside?

Professional: Destinations Going Green

Dan Rang

- Dec 29, 2008
Getting green is the trend of the last decades. Before you start being envious – we are talking about sustainability. Let’s see what projects are under way in the world. Come and meet the Perthshire tourist board achieving praise for its green initiatives. Let’s travel to Tel Aviv and see what the Israelis can do with a huge mount of dump. Ever thought about the greenest city in Europe or U.S.?

Medical / Spa: Spa and Golf - A Good Match?

Nils Kraus

- Dec 29, 2008
Golf and spa, spa and golf. Yes, these two really go together. Actually, this marriage started long ago. Why not? It is a perfect combination for couples with diverse interests or people who love both pampering and green lawns. Let’s get familiar with the numerous advantages these golf & spa resorts offer...

Transport: Coach Industry - Fun or Trouble?

Gary Diskin

- Dec 29, 2008
The most fuel-efficient transportation mode? Believe it or not, it’s motorcoach. What more, coaches are comfortable, fast and stress free – well at least they are less stressful than the other means of transport. As passengers you have your rights currently discussed in the EU, so just hop in and ride the coach.

Destination: Slovenia

Richard Moor

- Dec 29, 2008
One of the new EU members is the small country in southern Central Europe – Slovenia. Small, yet charming, some would say. It is world known for its delicious wine, Lipica studs and lovely Ljubljana. Do you feel sLOVEnia too?