Destination: Slovenia

One of the new EU members is the small country in southern Central Europe – Slovenia. Small, yet charming, some would say. It is world known for its delicious wine, Lipica studs and lovely Ljubljana. Do you feel sLOVEnia too?


Slovenia: Small but Beautiful

Chris Grad

Good things come in small packages, and Slovenia undoubtedly fits that expression. Encompassing an area of a little over 20,000 sq. km (7,700+ sq. miles), the country more than compensates for its lacks in physical size with its extraordinary diversity. Due to its compactness, virtually any sight is just a daytrip away. Hike in the Alps one day and then bask in the sun on the Adriatic Coast the next. Go rafting or kayaking on the thundering mountain rivers in the morning and then spend the afte...

Slovenia Tourism: Slowly but Surely

Richard Moor

Four percent in tourist arrivals is not much of an increase given how competitive the current global travel and tourism market is, especially with the ongoing global economic downturn. But, for Slovenia, the 4 percent increase is proof that its tourism industry is heading towards greater heights. According to the Slovenia Tourist Board (STB), tourist accommodation facilities registered 2.4 million tourist arrivals and 7.4 million overnight stays by the end of October 2008. The overall number ...

Ljubljana: The Youthful Capital

Sara Thopson

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a central European city lying between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, in a basin where the Ljubljanica River flows into the Sava. It has all the facilities of a modern capital, and yet it has preserved its small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere. It is a vibrant city full of surprises. Its surrounding areas, packed with natural beauty and cultural sights bearing witness to the city's dynamic history, are renowned for their walking, hiking and cycle tr...

The Most Popular Attraction: The Postojna Cave

Samuel Dorsi

The Postojna Cave system is the largest known cave system in Slovenia. There are longer caves in the world, but a visit to a cave such as Postojna deserves full attention due to the diversity of shapes, expansive cave areas, stalactite and stalagmite formations and water characteristics. What is especially noteworthy is that most of these various shapes and formations can be seen by every visitor, meaning tourists and not just cavers with special caving equipment. Well kept paths for tourists co...

Fijakers, Pletnas and Cream Cakes in Bled

Samuel Dorsi

The most famous of all the Slovenian top tourism places is Bled. The Bled Lake is known all over the world. If you ask someone about Slovenia, the person usually doesn’t know what you are talking about. But if you mention this crystal lake: "Now this is a different story!" The Lake came into existence when the Bohinj Glacier moved away. It is 2120 m long, up to 1380 m wide and it is of the tectonic origin. After the last Ice Age, the Bohinj Glacier deepened its natural tectonic hollow and gav...