Poland: Full of Tradition

Much has been written about the beautiful countryside and centuries-old culture of Poland. Let’s focus on the current state of the country’s travel trade, hotels, and medical tourism. Visit the central European country getting ready for EURO 2012.


Poland: Beautiful and Fascinating

Ashley Nault

Poland, comparable in size to Italy or Germany, is an enthralling mosaic of landscapes and attractions, of which thirteen are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage. In Northern Poland, you stumble upon ambers on the pristine sandy beaches by the Baltic Sea. The port city of Gdansk, previously the granary of Europe, has a vibrant old town rich in history. It is here where the World War II started, and in 1980s, as the birthplace of the Solidarity Movement, it engineered the collapse of communism...

Travel and Tourism in Steep Decline

Denise Chen

In 2009 there was a dramatic decline in inbound tourism to Poland, which was one of steepest amongst all European countries. The fall in the number of incoming tourists applied to both visitors from Western Europe and from countries located east of Poland. This phenomenon was a result not only of the global economic crisis, but also due to such factors as the higher price of air tickets and restrictions on visitors from non-EU countries, due to the introduction of the Schengen Agreement in 2008....

Hotel Industry: Getting Ready for Euro 2012

Andrea Hausold

“A green island in the sea of red” – describes Poland’s recent performance in comparison with the shrinking economies in the neighboring countries. In the Polish hotel market, however, the color was more red than green. After an impressive 2007 when the biggest obstacle for incoming travel agents was a shortage of hotels rather than clients, no one had expected the winds of change to bring less rosy figures. According to the Central Statistical Office, the foreigners at Polish hotels are most...

Polish Medical Tourism Blooming

Michael Trout

Medical tourists are heading to Poland for cheaper and quicker surgical treatments, says a new research report from TechSci Research that predicts more than 15% growth in the country’s health tourism market particularly from the UK and Germany. In the new research report “Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013,” TechSci Research anticipates strong growth for the Poland medical tourism market in the near future. The market has been driven by favourable factors including low waiting...

The Mysterious City of Kłodzko

Ashley Nault

Those who like secrets will also like Kłodzko. A thousand-year-old city, mentioned for the first time already in 981, has an aura of the various mysteries of the past. You can see here influences of the interweaving of cultures brought by the settlers of Polish, German, Czech and Flemish nationality. At first I visit the town “from underneath”. I walk along the Underground Tourist Trail, which was established in 1970s, when the dungeons under the Old Town were in the danger of collapsing. Today...