Tourism Review Online Magazine 8 / 2010

Aug 30, 2010

Dear readers,


Welcome back! After the long summer Tourism Review is pleased to release another issue of our travel magazine. This time two supplements focus on social responsibility of the tourism industry. The Ethical part discusses CSR and presents some examples of hotels and tour operators devoted to the concept of responsible tourism. The Professional supplement on the other hand focuses on the meetings industry and the latest trend embraced by many – the greening.

If you feel like exploring the ‘eastern block’ go to the Destination part devoted to Poland and its tourism industry. Visit the mysterious city of Kłodzko, choose among the 13 UNESCO sites on offer or go to Warsaw and see how the capital and other Polish cities are getting ready for Euro 2012. Unique design is the theme of the Heritage part inviting you to stay in the quirky hotels of Copenhagen, Amsterdam, China or Kuwait. Travelers seeking a little bit of adrenalin holiday on the other hand should open the Adventure supplement introducing fascinating and dangerous volcanoes attracting explorers from the whole world. Enjoy the issue!


Milada Sovadinova



Meetings Getting Green

Wayne M. Gore

- Aug 30, 2010

For the last couple of years greening has been the trend affecting most of tourism. Even the meetings industry has embraced environmentally friendly policies and products. Check out the latest trends.

Social Responsibility in Tourism?

Andrea Hausold

- Aug 30, 2010

There are hundreds of tourism projects based on the concept of social responsibility. Learn more about the development and history of CSR as well as several examples of hotels and destinations successfully turning the ideas to practice.

Volcanoes: Beautiful and Dangerous

James Morris

- Aug 30, 2010

Dynamic, dangerous, fascinating – volcanoes have always attracted travelers with adventurous soul. Read about Montserrat’s volcano, Saint Lucia, Indonesian Krakatau or even the volcano bike tours in Hawaii.

Poland: Full of Tradition

Gregory Dolgos

- Aug 30, 2010

Much has been written about the beautiful countryside and centuries-old culture of Poland. Let’s focus on the current state of the country’s travel trade, hotels, and medical tourism. Visit the central European country getting ready for EURO 2012.