Social Responsibility in Tourism?

There are hundreds of tourism projects based on the concept of social responsibility. Learn more about the development and history of CSR as well as several examples of hotels and destinations successfully turning the ideas to practice.


Corporate Social Responsibility: Responsible Tourism

Gary Diskin

Since the 1960s, the travel industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in spite of crises and strained political relations. To date, developing countries have not profited much. Tour operators, however, are increasingly paying attention to issues of corporate social responsibility. The industrial countries still benefit from tourism most. Europe is the home of more than half of all international tourists – and it accounts for the bulk of the revenues they generate. Europe i...

Bridging the Income Gap – In Style

James Morris

It’s rural Vietnam, deep in the farmlands of Southeast Asia. A lone peasant, his skin dry and leathered from a lifetime of work in the endless sunshine, flicks his makeshift whip at the rump of a large grey oxen pulling at a plough that looks like it was designed centuries before; black, wet mud turns heavily behind them, and the pair take another monotonous step forward. From the direction of the road comes a humming sound: the farmer turns his head in time to see a shining white limousi...

WTTC: Sustainable Development and Hospitality

Ashley Nault

Making Travel & Tourism work for everyone requires the active engagement of all stakeholders – governments, businesses, local communities and the travelling public. While governments have begun to understand the contribution that the industry can make to sustainable development, their record in adopting appropriate policies to encourage sustainable, economically viable tourism is mixed. For progress to be made, the Travel & Tourism private sector must play a central role. Many ...

The Case of Toronto: Relax, Study and Be Sustainable

Laura Maudlin

Tourism Toronto is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the social, environmental and business welfare of our community. In keeping with this goal, Tourism Toronto has developed programs in three areas of community and industry support: Relax, Recharge & Renew Family Program Student awards and training Sustainability   Relax, Recharge & RenewThe Relax, Recharge & Renew program provides parents of children with special needs a much-deserved break. Tourism Tor...

Actors or Villains? CSR in Tourism

Daniel A. Tanner

Companies are increasingly being judged not just by the products and profits they make, but also by the ways in which these profits are made. Yet, there is no consensus on what "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) actually means. To improve the understanding of its possible contributions and limitations, a consultation on CSR in tourism held from 15th to 16th December, 2009, in Chennai, India, focused on CSR concepts, instruments and practices within the tourism industry and beyond. Participa...