Navrus in Uzbekistan

Gary Diskin - Feb 26, 2007
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In Persian, Navruz means “new day”, or “a new day of the new year”, to be precise. This day is celebrated on March 21st, which is on the day of vernal equinox, and it symbolizes the beginning of a calendar year in such countries as Iran, Afghanistan, in Kurdish regions of Iraq and Turkey, as well as in some countries of Central Asia. In Uzbekistan Navruz is considered to be an official holiday, however the New Year Day is celebrated in accordance with the European calendar. For all the nations spring is the time of nature revival and renovation, the period of expectations and hope for peace between people, for bumper harvest in the fields and gardens and good increase in livestock, for love and consent in family. And all these expectations are embodied in spring festival Navruz.

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