Tourism Review Online Magazine 2 / 2007

Feb 26, 2007
Dear Reader

In February the “Travel Review” took part in Business Travel Show in London. The show appeared to be successful. The list of participants was impressive. More than 250 organisations-exhibitors, including 100 new participants were pitching for business. Of course, such event is not only for presenting your business and finding potential clients, but it is also a valuable, but rare opportunity to learn about new services and products that might be compatible with your ideas. Pitching for business was in a way pitching for partners. It was very nice to see colleagues having coffee and share a laugh, exchanging opinions on what they are doing. Of course, good entrepreneurship is in identifying an opportunity well before it becomes obvious for anybody else. But can we do it on our own, without learning about and talking to others?

Publishing Team


Heritage: Architecture which appeals to tourists

Denise Chen

- Feb 26, 2007
The variety of tours with architectural focus reflects multiplicity of customers demands. Architectural tourism ranges from high brow intellectual comparative trips to the visits fulfilling somebody’s curiosity about lifestyle of the “upper crust”. This type of travel also comprises a search for national and historic symbols embodied in stone. In our February issue we observe some travel possibilities for Art Nouveau lovers, discover castles in America, admire Australian architectural gem and head north to enjoy beauty of simplicity and functionality.

Professional: Internet – Bookings and complains

Joe McClain

- Feb 26, 2007
The Internet has changed the business model in tourism significantly. Anyone can book services with 2-3 mouse clicks. What benefits and what dangers customers identify in this process? Careful analysis of customers’ on-line behaviour helps companies create a successful business strategy and web-design. There are hundreds of booking sites, but what make them different, how they find their customer and keep in touch with them, how they built their relationships with providers?

Religious tourism: Europe – religious festivals in spring

Sara Thopson

- Feb 26, 2007
Spring is at our footsteps. In any religion this season is associated with revival and hope. There is something festive in the air; there is a feeling that magic blends into reality. Therefore there is no surprise that a list of religious holidays in spring is really impressive. Take a minute – read about famous St Patrick day, colorful procession in Toledo on the Corpus Christi day, Budha’s birthday celebrations, and a joyful Navrus in unknown Uzbekistan. There is not much business analysis in this section, but a few new ideas for your itineraries.

Management: Customer Relationship Management

Ashley Nault

- Feb 26, 2007
The focus of the section today is on customer relationship management and on the importance of personalised customer support. Customer-led services can help anticipate new rends, create better focused products and services. Definitely, from a business perspective, the key to success is in greater interaction with the customer through the process of marketing and social networking.