Management: Customer Relationship Management

The focus of the section today is on customer relationship management and on the importance of personalised customer support. Customer-led services can help anticipate new rends, create better focused products and services. Definitely, from a business perspective, the key to success is in greater interaction with the customer through the process of marketing and social networking.


Reaching Out to the Individual Tourist

Dan Rang

After several years of slow growth, international tourism is on the rebound. A return of both consumer and business confidence is bringing favourable conditions for both established and emerging tourism markets. According to the World Tourism Organization (UWTO), there is a clear shift in focus within the industry from external factors and crisis management, to the internal, competitive factors of destinations and products, such as product development, training, and promotion.

How do consumers perceive hotel and airline loyalty programmes?

Samuel Dorsi

Consumers have developed very sharp value-detectors while playing the loyalty game, and they recognise that the value equation has tilted toward hotel programmes, acknowledges Rick Ferguson, editorial director, Colloquy.

Customers hail hotels for excellent customer management

Wayne M. Gore

New research from Connection amongst over 1,000 UK consumers has revealed that personalised customer support makes hotel customers 5.4 times more likely to remain loyal to a particular brand. Respondents were asked which sectors they believed to offer the most value, taking all factors into consideration. Investment companies lead with supermarkets and hotels coming in joint second place. Bottom of the table came utility firms with customer saying that they are just 3.5 times more likely to b...

The role of e-CRM in an integrated e-marketing strategy for tourism organizations

Joe McClain

CRM has been a buzz word in the tourism industry for several years. However, looking at the diffusion among companies and even more at the commitment of the marketing and sales managers. Customer Relationship Management does not seem to be a big issue for tourism players. Whilst 36% of the tourism companies in Europe (38% in the Czech Repuplic) offer online booking facilities, only 11% (8% in the Czech Republic) make use of a CRM system