Marketing: Innovations in Advertising

Innovation once more – this time in advertising. Go through the few examples of unique and successful ideas and learn about GPS sightseeing, tiny hotel rooms or several triumphant cases of introducing new marketing strategies.


Innovation Strategy – Battlefield Lessons for Business Leaders

Richard Moor

Let’s be clear, business is not war. But if you are operating in a fierce marketplace then it can feel like it. Many of the methods we use in our sales campaigns, marketing strategies and competitive tactics are based on military analogies. So what lessons can business leaders today learn from the history of warfare? Here are some that seem particularly relevant.

Time of Changes – New Marketing Strategies

Nils Kraus

Today the tourism industry world-wide faces many challenges. Only the players able to change their strategies so that they meet the market conditions seem able to survive and be successful for a longer time. More than anywhere else the company size does not really matter here – both travel agency as well as market leaders are forced to take into account the dramatically changing market. Naturally, different players contemplate and choose different competitive strategies in order to sustain and m...

Unique Design – Cheap Chic & No Frills

Kevin Eagan

Qbic, a Dutch 'no frills chic' hotel chain that soft-launched recently, is using innovations in design and service to offer guests a new hotel experience, and investors an efficient approach to converting vacant real estate into hotels.

1-to-1 Marketing of Hotels, Resorts And Destinations

Alec Hills

In 1997, Madigan Pratt & Associates developed the marketing analysis and recommendations for the City of Philadelphia Five Year Tourism Development Plan. The Plan called for innovative sources of funding and an unprecedented level of public-private sector partnership. Results: In May 2004, the City of Philadelphia issued the following statistics concerning the growth in tourism for the five years following the presentation and adoption of Philadelphia's 1997 Tourism Development Plan: Philadelphi...

Sightseeing Guided by GPS

Gregory Dolgos

So, you’re in San Francisco, and you want to do a little sightseeing. But the thought of wrestling with maps, getting herded about with dozens of tourists, or asking random passers-by for directions just isn’t appealing. Luckily for tourists to the City by the Bay, there’s GoCar Rentals, home of the “first ever storytelling car.” The GoCar looks like a tiny yellow two-seater car, but is actually a three wheeled moped. Two people can hop in, and are required to wear helmets.