Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2008

Dec 17, 2007

Dear readers,

welcome to the nippy winter issue of our magazine. Take a hot cup of your favorite tea and enjoy the frosty pages of our publication. This time we invite you to warm up and while reading the Adventure section to try heli(copter) skiing or paragliding, to explore jumping stilts or even dive under the sea to visit the past. “Off the beaten path“ is exactly the direction we decided to take in the Heritage part this time. Ever heard of a clay mosque or Dracula’s birthplace? Get familiar with the once famous Hagi in Japan or the simple beauty of Papallacta in Ecuador and much more.
Innovation is the big issue of both Marketing and Business sections. Read about the many aspects of introducing new services and products in tourism, about the difficulties, risks as well as great achievements. Learn about the others’ mistakes and find out what are the best new marketing strategies for the travel trade.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Destinations – Out off Beaten Track

Laura Maudlin

- Dec 17, 2007
All around the world there are thousands and thousands of wonderful places worth visiting. Some of them boast unique history or natural treasures; some are beautiful in their simplicity. Let us get familiar with only a tiny bit of these hidden pearls. Welcome to leaders’ Hagi, chilly Kristiansand, Dracula’s Sighisoara, muddy Djenne, or misty Papallacta.

Adventure: Unusual Sports

Pat Hyland

- Dec 17, 2007
Always popular thrill seekers’ section is dedicated this time to adrenaline sports on land, under the water, as well as in the sky. Ever heard of jumping stilts? Ever tried heli-skiing? Thinking about exploring wrecks in the deep sea? Come and read about these breathtaking fun activities.

Business: Innovations and Risks

Denise Chen

- Dec 17, 2007
Innovation is a must in many industries, including tourism. How to be innovative? What marketing strategies are best to follow? What about the others – how did they achieve success? Are there any risks in implementing new products and services?

Marketing: Innovations in Advertising

Anna Luebke

- Dec 17, 2007
Innovation once more – this time in advertising. Go through the few examples of unique and successful ideas and learn about GPS sightseeing, tiny hotel rooms or several triumphant cases of introducing new marketing strategies.