Choosing a Perfect Women Tour 101

Tomas Haupt - Jan 30, 2012
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The opportunities for women to travel today are numerous and the possibilities endless. You can travel independently in the company of other like minded women and enjoy the camaraderie, safety, and comfort of women traveling together.

Deciding on whether to travel solo or join a women’s only tour can be challenging. How does a woman choose a tour company to travel with?

First, consider your personal style of travel. Are you a budget traveler, a luxury traveler or somewhere in between. It is important to travel with the level of comfort you enjoy.

Secondly, I recommend carefully reviewing the itinerary. Are you spending too much of your time on the road moving from place to place? How long do you spend in each location? How frequently do you change hotels and what is included and what isn’t?

Do you get to truly experience each location or are you moving on to quickly? Is there unstructured time for independent exploring? What is the group size? What is the level of comfort in accommodations? A good night’s rest always affords a better travel experience. Consider what local happenings may be included. Will you have the opportunity to meet locals?

The length of the trip is also something to consider. I would espouse a shorter trip of finer quality rather than a longer less expensive tour. Oftentimes, less is more. Along with your style, you will need to consider your activity level and whether the itinerary fits your level of activity.

There are women’s travel companies today offering a plethora of options so you no longer have to travel solo and eat alone or travel amidst mostly couples unless you choose to. Often times, your interests provide a way to fine tune your travels. Perhaps you love to garden or like walking or being near the sea.

Excellent value is always what Serendipity Traveler ( clients are looking for. You must do your homework to ascertain just how the tour offered will meet your travel dreams and goals.

The decision to travel with a specialty tour affords you moments to savor and memories to make while all the details are expertly taken care of. Wherever you are on your life’s journey, travel will fling wide the doors of your heart and mind while renewing your spirit.

By Peggy Coonley (Founder of Serendipity Traveler)

Serendipity Traveler is a small company specializing in tours for active women.

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