Sara Thopson - Jun 26, 2017
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The travel and tourism industry is very lucrative and successful. One of its segments is the female-only travel which is becoming a very powerful niche of the tourism industry.

Women traveling alone are growing in number and hand in hand goes the need to provide safety for single travelers. The issue of safety is what has made women to steadily patronize every female floor in the hotels close to them.

One of the new trends attempting to provide solution to female-only travel security issues is a form of a peer-to-peer accommodation platform with dedicated followers consisting of female hosts and female guests. The feature is called “Groups” and is the result of a teamwork of “Overnight”, which is a site that works like Airbnb,  and “Girls Love Travel”, a solo-women online community that permits users to share their homes through trusted networks.

The new service provides the connection between female travelers and hosts that have mutual friends or social networking groups in common. The female-only travel segment has a user-base of 350,000 women around the world. This figure shows that the female-only travel is a virgin market with a lot of potential.

While the accommodation platforms ensure the service remains cost-effective for travelers they also ensure that there is trust between the travelers and the home sharing hosts that are female. Thanks to that, women are more willing to share their homes with other females.

The benefit of this service is that women now feel safe to travel and explore the world. The female-only travel platform not only provides safety to its members but a cost-effective opportunity to stay with their female friends that are part of their online community as well. The cost-effectiveness is evident in the pricing structure as house owners offer low rates to their friends or travelers that are members of their network.

women only travel

As the travel industry continues to evolve, the female-only travel service that provides peer-to-peer accommodation between females who know each other and friends in the same social network group will continue to thrive.

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