Theodore Slate - Feb 20, 2012
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Women travelers can now enjoy special compartments on several Czech trains designed only for them.

Czech National Railways opened special compartments on several routes only for women travelers. Most of the Eurocity trains heading to Germany, Austria and Slovakia from the Czech Republic thus offer more safety and privacy to female globetrotters.

According to the Czech Railways, the compartments designed only for women should help the travelers feel safer and provide them with all information about their route. The compartments are regularly checked by the staff responsible that no man get to the women’s section, reported

The Railways expanded its services in an effort to attract more women travelers but also to offer services that are common at various European railways. Separate compartments for special groups of travelers are nothing new in Europe, as for example compartments for mothers and children or silent compartments where talking or using cell phones is prohibited.

Solely women compartments are however not that usual in European trains although Austrian Railways have special parts for women in all EC and IC trains. According to the Czech Railways, the company is only testing the ground. If women compartments become popular more trains will offer the service in the future.

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