Heritage: Yummy! Tasty Travel

Culinary tourism or gastro tourism is very popular among the modern travelers. When did this trend start? What is it all about? Does it have any future? Come and taste the specialties of Spain, Canada or even Thailand and China (don’t worry no monkey brains will be served).


Culinary Tourism – a Hot and Fresh Idea

Andrew J. Wein

"Culinary Tourism" is a newly defined tourism niche that intersects and impacts both the travel and food/beverage industries, which have long been intertwined. The term was first coined by academician Lucy Long in 1998 to express the idea of experiencing other cultures through food...

The Cuisines and Wines of Spain

Andrew J. Wein

Spain ranks high on many travelers’ lists of favored culinary destinations. Spain holds within its borders cuisines bearing stark contrasts. On the one hand there is the traditional cooking, little changed over the centuries, and on the other, cutting-edge cuisine, which has attracted the attention of chefs worldwide...

Thailand: Birth Control and Dining Out

Cecilia Garland

Foreign visitors may be a bit surprised in Thailand when they learn about the Cabbages and Condoms Restaurants. The name says it all – it is a restaurant that offers meals as well as condoms. The whole idea came from a non profit Population and Community Development Association that promotes birth control. The organization was founded in 1974 by Mechai Viravaidya, the former Thai Minister of Health...

Canadian Taste Trails

Laura Maudlin

Culinary tourism or gastro-tourism has become a trend of late, though only in name. As most travellers know, eating is part of every journey whether it be tasting pastizzis (diamond-shaped pastries) in the streets of Valletta, Malta or braving a bit of hakarl bits (that’s putrefied shark meat) in Reykjavik, Iceland – or tasting some of the 300 varieties of Quebec cheeses...

Did You Know That the Chinese Like to Eat...?

Anna Luebke

There are many stories in the West about the strange and disgusting eating habits of other cultures, especially about Asians and particularly about Chinese people. The stories range from relatively benign tales of eating dogs and cats, to nauseating stories of sadistic feasts on the brains of living animals...