Tourism Review Online Magazine 11 / 2008

Nov 24, 2008
Dear readers,

Amid the current world events stirring the political scene in the U.S., Asia, EU or anywhere else let us encourage you to stop for a moment and think about the more positive elements of our lives. Spa lovers may read about the latest studies confirming the effectiveness of numerous spa procedures in the Medical supplement. Adventure seekers on the other hand may consider visiting the Balkans and the beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina where the tourism industry is booming. Go to the Destination part.

Do you like cooking, or maybe tasting wine, or maybe just eating local specialties? Then you might be one of the culinary tourists experiencing the world treasures through their taste buds. Learn about the latest trends in culinary tourism in the Heritage supplement. Poker experts on the other hand might be interested in the Professional part discussing the successes and developments of the world’s casinos. Finally, the Religious part is here for the 300 million tourists whose journey is centered on their faith. Forget about niche market – religious tourism is strong and growing.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Yummy! Tasty Travel

Bill Alen

- Nov 24, 2008
Culinary tourism or gastro tourism is very popular among the modern travelers. When did this trend start? What is it all about? Does it have any future? Come and taste the specialties of Spain, Canada or even Thailand and China (don’t worry no monkey brains will be served).

Professional: Casinos - Travel to Win

Joe McClain

- Nov 24, 2008
Blackjack, poker, roulette, or slot machines – loved by ones, condemned by others. The gambling industry is one of the most profitable businesses and as such is also related to tourism. Numerous travel agencies specialize in casino tours and offer fabulous experience in Las Vegas, Reno or hundreds of other casino havens. What is so appealing about casinos? What are the latest trends?

Medical / SPA: Health Spa, What Are the Outcomes?

Nils Kraus

- Nov 24, 2008
Health spas are quite popular resorts for many patients suffering from serious diseases especially in Europe. However do they really help to the physical state and the wellbeing of the patients? Let’s see some studies focusing on the outcomes of many health spa procedures.

Ethical / Religious: Faith Tourism - Big Business

Pat Hyland

- Nov 24, 2008
Pilgrimages, missionary, volunteer vacations or special camps – all of these are part of a booming industry – religious tourism. New hotels focused only on tourists of certain faith, special tours offering the perfect spiritual experience for the given group of believers – tourism centered on faith is developing fast and over the years has become an $18 million industry. What is the future though?

Destination: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kevin Eagan

- Nov 24, 2008
Let’s visit the southern Europe and meet the friendly Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. Sarajevo, the capital city, is still in the minds of many as the place of harsh fights when in 1991-1995 Bosnia and Herzegovina experienced the bloody civil war. Today it is a dynamically developing country offering numerous landmarks and sites for heritage lovers as well as adventure seekers. Welcome to the “Srca južne Evrope” – Heart of SE Europe.