Ethical / Religious: Faith Tourism - Big Business

Pilgrimages, missionary, volunteer vacations or special camps – all of these are part of a booming industry – religious tourism. New hotels focused only on tourists of certain faith, special tours offering the perfect spiritual experience for the given group of believers – tourism centered on faith is developing fast and over the years has become an $18 million industry. What is the future though?


Religious Tourism: A New Era, a Dynamic Industry

William Law

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “religious travel?” If you’re like most of us, four thoughts probably come to the forefront: niche market, budget travel, pilgrimages, and seniors. If you hold the above four perceptions of religious tourism, you would be considered “cutting edge” of this industry… in 1975. Yes – that’s right. If you think of religious travel as a niche market of budget pilgrimages for seniors, you are thirty years behind the curve...

Faith Travel: Business in a Troubled World

Nils Kraus

Faith travel is as old as time, but from a niche market based on elderly church groups, it has grown into a dynamic industry. Along with adventure tourism and eco-tourism, religious tourism has become big business, worth an estimated $18 billion worldwide...

Bible Parks Set to Co-exist in Tennessee

Laura Maudlin

Today Christian travel is an industry comprised of 150 to 200 million travelers. Modern-day Christian travel comprises much more than just pilgrimages. Christian travel, also commonly referred to as faith tourism, features short-term missions, crusades and conferences, cruises, retreats, adventure trips, religious attractions, Christian camps, monastic guest-stays, and much more...

The Religious or Not So Religious Tourist in 2030

James Morris

The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has reported that the number of tourism arrivals in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region has increased at a much faster rate over the last decade than in the rest of the world. The average annual increase in the Asia Pacific region was some 13%, whilst it was 10% in the Middle East...

Fulfilled Prophecy: Halal Tourism

Bill Alen

Halal tourism is a new product in the tourism industry. The industry provides holiday destinations for Muslim families. The packages comply with the Sharia rules which the Muslim families abide by. The hotels in destinations do not serve alcohol and will have separate swimming pools and spa facilities for men and women. Malaysia, Turkey and many more countries are trying to attract Muslim tourists from all over the world offering facilities in accordance with the religious beliefs of Muslim tour...