Heritage: Boutique Hotels with Unique Atmosphere

Boutique hotels – luxurious, inspiring and unique. How popular are they in today’s globalized world? Do they have any chance to survive? Check out the latest trends and visit Quebec or Slovenia.


Boutique Hotels: Fashionable and Inspiring

William Law

Tourism-Review.com asked Euromonitor International Research analyst Angelo Rossini about the concept of boutique hotels as well as the latest trends in the industry. How did the whole concept of boutique hotels start? The first boutique hotels started operating at the beginning of the 80s in London, New York and San Francisco as an answer to large hotel chains offering standardized rooms and services across the globe. What differentiates boutique hotels from other hotels in general? Bouti...

Quebec City's Archaeological Hotel Digs History

Denise Chen

Quebec City's historic center has two levels: the upper plateau was first selected for settlement by the French military in the early 17th century for its strategic defense overlooking the St Lawrence River. Following the British takeover of the colony of Québec in 1759, merchants moved in and gradually built warehouses, business headquarters and port facilities to support flourishing trade along the river. In the 19th century, Quebec City became one of the five most important shipping ...

Sun House: Slovenian Experience of Dwelling

Samuel Dorsi

In the northeast of Slovenia, where the earth touches the sky and the Mura River, as the locals in the village of Banovci like to say, in the heartland of authentic natural wealth of Prlekija, there stands the Sun House, a wonderful oasis of intimacy and relaxed ambiance; the kind you can experience only at home. A luxurious boutique hotel furnished with carefully selected designer pieces that offer original ideas of different ways to spend leisure time provides for experiences that are indisp...

Boutique Hotels Are Most of All about Quality and Service

Anna Luebke

Interview with David Maranzana, President and Founder of Epoque Hotels. For those who are unfamiliar with this kind of business model in which hotels of different ownership are collected under one umbrella, could you explain the underlying principle behind this kind of association, and the advantages for you as an association and for the guests? Epoque Hotels is a collection of independent boutique hotels in the world. The main benefit for a boutique hotelier to join such collection is to be...