Tourism Review Online Magazine 11 / 2009

Nov 30, 2009
Dear readers

Welcome to the windy fall issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. If you don’t have enough of snow and frosty weather let us invite you to one of the most affordable destinations in the crisis stricken world – Iceland. Open the Destination part and explore their fabulous nature, hot springs and Northern lights. If you are rather planning your next expedition to the undersea world let’s get familiar with several unique and less known sites you should not miss. Read the Active supplement.

Spirituality and faith tours are the topic of the Religious part this time focusing specifically on places that can’t be usually found in common guidebooks. Professional supplement tries to answer the question – why do people buy (often worthless) souvenirs? Read about the latest trends in this billion dollar industry. However, if you rather fancy a comfy sofa and fashionable environment let us invite you to the world of upscale boutique hotels. Open the Heritage supplement and enjoy the idea of fluffy pillows and inspiring atmosphere.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Boutique Hotels with Unique Atmosphere

Vanderlei J. Pollack

- Nov 30, 2009
Boutique hotels – luxurious, inspiring and unique. How popular are they in today’s globalized world? Do they have any chance to survive? Check out the latest trends and visit Quebec or Slovenia.

Professional: Souvenirs All Around

Alec Hills

- Nov 30, 2009
Perhaps most of them are useless kitsches but travelers simply love them. Souvenir shopping is an important part of many peoples’ vacations. What kind of products tourists buy? Where are the fantastic souvenirs produced anyway?

Adventure: Heritage under Sea Level

Dan Rang

- Nov 30, 2009
Underwater caves, monuments, shipwrecks – they are the most popular and adventurous objects of exploration for most divers. Yet, their protection is also a hot issue these days. Visit the distinctive underwater world of Mexico, Pacific or Philippines.