Destination: Iceland

Iceland – the land of geysers, Northern lights and beautiful nature. Explore the local lava fields, go for a whale watching trip or enjoy the beautiful sights of the capital Reykjavík.


Glaciers, Geysers and Hot Springs

William Law

Imagine an island, rising up from the North-Atlantic Sea and resting on the Arctic Circle’s shoulder as one of the outposts of Europe. Iceland sits on its throne; a hot spot on the Mid-Atlantic ridge that gave birth to the island some 16 million years ago and is still moulding the landscape with its volcanic activity. Iceland is a geologically young land and the combination of the country’s northerly location and it’s geology makes Iceland a place where forces of nature, fire...

Travel and Tourism in Iceland

James Morris

Icelanders have significantly increased their trips abroad Outbound trips by Icelandic visitors increased by 113% during the last five years period, principally to the UK, the US, Spain and Denmark. Growth was fuelled not only by the expansion of Icelandair’s fleet and network but also by low-cost carrier Iceland Express, which started operations in early 2003. Due to the small size of the population and its remoteness from other countries, outbound tourism is expected to grow at a stea...

Destination: Reykjavík

Andrew J. Wein

Reykjavík Tourism Standing Strong Reykjavík is heading for yet another successful year in tourism, contrary to developments in many other destinations due to the worldwide economic recession. The number of tourists visiting Iceland passed half a million for the first time last year and this year’s tourist numbers are staying the course so far. Many tourism records have furthermore been broken this year in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík. Foreign room nights at ...

Whale Watching from Reykjavík

Wayne M. Gore

Iceland has some of the most fertile feeding grounds in the North Atlantic and herds of whales are moving through all the oceans of our planet. With such abundant ocean the waters around Reykjavík attract numerous species of whales to Iceland’s shores for nourishment. With an opportunity to bear witness up to 4 types of cetaceans in just one 3 hour tour Reykjavik becomes an ideal destination to admire these impressive giants. Also the location is conveniently in Reykjavik’s Old Harbor, just a 5...

Living on a Lava Field Shrouded in Folklore

Vanderlei J. Pollack

Hafnarfjörður is a small picturesque seaside town nestled in rugged lava fields on the outskirts of Reykjavík. Its name simply means ‘harbor fjord’ and refers to the excellent natural harbor, Iceland's oldest trade harbor, which has supported business since the 14th century. Hafnarfjörður is Iceland’s third-largest town, with just over 26,000 residents. It is situated in a field of lava that flowed from Búrfell Mountain about 7,300 years ago. O...

Tourist Guides: The Ambassadors of Iceland

Dan Rang

Tourist guides are ambassadors of a country, region or a city. They possess the power to make or break the visitor’s experience. This is why tourist guides in Iceland undergo rigorous training before applying their art of guiding. Since 1976 more than 1,200 tourist guides have graduated from a one year professional tourist guide course and 160 are expected to graduate in spring 2010 ― just in time for the busy tourist season. Tourist Guide Education in Iceland The tourist guide profess...