Heritage and children: specific focus

Kids come in all ages and with various talents. When the children are small, people tend to avoid trips. But travel with kids can be fun if you travel smart, prepare the trip well and avoid extreme challenges. When they get a bit older, everything is about challenges: after you survive a 200 meters descent into a copper mine, visiting a national soccer team backstage can be next on the list. Or teenagers might want to rock England on a music tour… On the other hand, I have a hunch that, looking back in 20 years time, one of their precious memories might be a heritage trip in search of family roots.


Traveling with Children Back in Time

Michael Trout

We all come from somewhere. Whether our parents bravely crossed borders for a better life before we were born, or generations ago our families were deeply entrenched in the southern hemisphere, our bloodlines race with the trade winds across the oceans to connect to another land and another time. Nowadays, more and more travelers are discovering the roots of these bloodlines through heritage travel, which combines the excitement, relaxation and bonding of a vacation with the education of a his...

Can Kids Travel?

Gary Diskin

Whether you’ve trekked in Nepal, hitchhiked in South America, backpacked in Europe or traversed North America by road, children are likely to change your perspective on travel. Sleeping in the railway station because you didn’t consider the implications of a 2am arrival time and no hotel room may, at age 20, lead to great memories. When traveling with kids, a night on the floor is more likely to be a nightmare. But that doesn’t mean you’re limited to caravanning on the beach round the bend until...

Looking for the Unusual: In Norway with Kids

Anna Luebke

“Hold on to your hats! Bergen and its surrounding areas are overflowing with fun activities and attractions for children. Aside from all the traditional outdoor sporty things to do such as swimming, hiking, fishing, skiing, sledding, ice skating, roller skating, etc., you can do some really cool things like climb a 15-meter high, 470-square-meter-wide indoor climbing wall or slide down a very wet 1,000-meter slide at Vannkanten World water park. You can greet happy seals and waddling penguins at...

England Rocks!

Samuel Dorsi

A new campaign to increase the number of Britons who holiday at home because of their love of music has been launched by Enjoy England. The six month England Rocks! campaign, which was launched at the world famous Abbey Road Studios, hopes to encourage Brits to take their holidays in England, by inspiring them to visit locations and destinations linked to iconic English musicians from the Beatles to the Arctic Monkeys...

Following the Music of the Beatles

Laura Maudlin

The Beatles Story visitor attraction at Liverpool’s Albert Dock has reported a major growth in business during 2006. The attraction which charts the success of Liverpool’s Fabulous Four welcomed over 200 000visitors in 2006 and increase of over 17 percent compared to 2005. The Beatles Story puts its success down to firm focus on the overseas market. With nearly 50 per cent of its visitors from outside the UK, the attraction has put out a big welcome to international tourists...