Educational tourism: New language or work experience

This section demonstrates that educational tourism is moving to the top of the industry charts - first of all, because good schools, colleges and universities are keen to complement their “theoretical” courses with first-hand experiences at archaeological sites, nature reserves and in extreme conditions. There is also another trend – a “gap year for grown-ups”. People of different ages and social status are willing to learn through travelling, to expand their horizons by communicating, observing different lifestyles, getting new skills. And – what a surprise – a combination of travel and education can be more efficient in terms of personal finances than just travel or just education.


Educational Tourism A Booming Industry

Tomas Haupt

Rhoda Flaxman had grown tired of beach vacations and became intrigued when she heard about a trip co-sponsored by her alma mater, Bryn Mawr College. It promised a thorough learning experience about the lives and experiences of women in Jordan, including meetings with a human rights attorney, a literature professor and Jordan's first female ambassador to the United Nations...

More Travel Exhibitions Highlight Educational Travel

Samuel Dorsi

Travel exhibitions are putting increased focus on the youth market, which is now estimated to account for 20-25% on the travel and tourism industry worldwide. The biggest growth area is in “gap year” travel, with young people taking a break from their careers or studies to travel and possibly work abroad. Other major sectors of the youth market include educational travel and group tours...

Educational Tourism in Thailand - Teacher Training

Larry Brain

More and more people are making Thailand part of their educational objectives and becoming 'Educational Tourists'... Imagine studying in a country like Thailand… Imagine rewarding yourself with a weekend on the beach after a hard week’s study, or trekking through the jungle as soon as your exams are over! Whether for full blown degree programs or short vocational courses, more and more people are making Thailand part of their educational objectives and becoming 'Educational Tourists'...

Go Learn Something: Budget Educational Travel

Dan Rang

College graduates who have traveled for extended times will tell you they learned far more on the road than they ever did at the university. Politics, history, geography, religion, architecture, and even marine biology present themselves in everyday case studies. Plus with all those long bus and train rides, you finally have some time to read some literature, not just the Cliff Notes...

Big Picture from the Rice Paddies

Cecilia Garland

Satisfying the wanderlust that takes hold during your college career may be the most obvious attraction of working overseas, but it is by no means the only one. As an English teacher in the rice paddies of northern Japan, I was more than just another foreign tourist; I was part of the community. During late-night talks over green tea with my closest friends, a Zen Buddhist priest and his wife, I learned about the Japanese and their country. I was included in the daily rituals because I was a res...