Destination: Russia - Terra Incognita

Dobro požalovať v Rossiu! The land of cheerful people, stunning views and ... of course ... vodka. This time we visit Russia and focus on their tourism industry. Why are some travelers still afraid to go there? They have airports, railway, and everything, right? So, what’s wrong?


Hotel business in Russia: Leaders & Losers

Nils Kraus

Many travel professionals state that there are three main tourist’s needs each city should satisfy: sightseeing, restaurants, and accommodation. If any of the components does not fulfill the tourist’s wishes, it immediately influences his or her willingness to come back again. The amount of tourists visiting Russia has lately been going down. It seems that there is no problem with sightseeing and restaurants. So is there any connection between incoming tourism and the hotel industry in Russia?...

Journey to the World of Northern Lights

Gregory Dolgos

In the language of its indigenous inhabitants, the Nenets, "Yamal" means "Edge of the World". When you are in here, in its open places you feel yourself on the edge, you feel as your feet are on the Earth, the head in the open space. Yamal is a Russian northern pearl wonderfully combining outstanding natural beauty and hospitality habits of centuries. Anyone who visited Yamal dreams of coming back to feel the North attraction, earth and water magic, tundra and mountain call again and again...

Bears & Vodka: The Challenges of the Tourism Industry

William Law

The Russian Federal Tourism Agency responsible for Russia’s tourism promotion recently published a document called the Strategy of Tourism Development in Russian Federation until 2015. This undoubtedly very interesting document assess the Russian tourism market from various points of view and, what is also important, focuses even on the deficiencies of the tourism infrastructure...

Incoming vs. Outgoing: Businessmen Disguised as Tourists

Andrew J. Wein

According to the second annual Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2008 released by the World Economic Forum in Geneva, for the second year Switzerland has the most conducive environment for developing the travel and tourism industry. The second and the third place took Austria and Germany respectively, which has not change since the last year, too...

Russian Transport: A Road to Hell?

Justin N. Froyd

Russians say there are two problems in their country – fools and roads. Let’s leave the first ones for the next time and analyze the situation of roads, i.e. transport system. Russian Federation is a huge area that is why it needs appropriate transport network for dynamic operation...