Tourism Review Online Magazine 10 / 2008

Oct 27, 2008
Dear readers,

The colorful fall has come and many of us are enjoying muddy roads and chilly winds. Let’s find some warm and cozy place – why not in one of the hotels filled with history we present in the Heritage supplement. Have you ever been to a hotel where the first light bulb was lit, where they still have a leper pit or that stands directly opposite the Kremlin? Come and see. For those who plan to travel to Russia here is the Destination part. Why their airport looks like prison? Why nobody wants to work in their hotels? Why is everything soooo expensive?

Fed up with people? Go to the wilderness! An encounter with a wild boar or jolly rhino will definitely cheer you up. Read the Active supplement. When traveling long-distance you hardly avoid visiting local airports. What is the best airport in the world? Which airports are better to keep away from? Go to the Transport section. Don’t forget to take your books with you. Education is essential, even for an experienced travel professional. Read the Professional part. Happy November!

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Aged Hotels - Places with the Spirit

Theodore Slate

- Oct 27, 2008
We love them all – old hotels with a long history and remarkable stories that fill the atmosphere of the whole building. This time we introduce a century old hotel in Cape Town that since WW1 boasts of its pink walls, luxurious Moscow hotel whose name means “swamp”, a colonial-style Nassau hotel where James Bond courted his lady, or the oldest hotel in England bearing witch marks until now.

Professional: Travel Trade - Value of Education

Larry Brain

- Oct 27, 2008
Traveling is mostly fun, but travel industry is a real science. Being e.g. a travel agent does not mean only traveling but hard work too. What more, with the modern society undergoing radical changes even the trends and preferences of tourists transform. Travel professionals need to keep themselves up to date and here comes in the education. Why is it important? Let’s see...

Active / Adventure: The Audacious Nature Tourism

James Morris

- Oct 27, 2008
Nature tourism or eco tourism – these are the words often spelled out these days. No wonder. Many would agree that wilderness is not only beautiful but also inspiring in many ways. Come and visit with us the vast Siberia, Rip Van Winkle’s Catskill Mountains, or watch rhinos in Malaysia or hundreds of birds in Corpus Christi. What more, see how important the greenery even in your city is.

Transport: Airport Rankings - Getting Comfort on the Ground

Gary Diskin

- Oct 27, 2008
Who’s the best? Where is the least noise? Where do you get the best doughnuts? Where is the fastest security check? Well, maybe we don’t know everything about airports... but we know where the best airport is. Turn away from the West; we are heading to the Orient.

Destination: Russia - Terra Incognita

Tomas Haupt

- Oct 27, 2008
Dobro požalovať v Rossiu! The land of cheerful people, stunning views and ... of course ... vodka. This time we visit Russia and focus on their tourism industry. Why are some travelers still afraid to go there? They have airports, railway, and everything, right? So, what’s wrong?