DESTINATION/ Exploring China – Unknown Sights

China is a vast country with diverse sights. Many destinations are crowded with curious tourists, other areas are virtually unknown to the globetrotters. A number of places that are less known however hide remarkable attractions.



Spectacular Destinations throughout the Chinese World

Daniel A. Tanner

With the holiday season not far away, most people are searching for great destinations they can visit. China is a popular target for world’s travelers, having popular attractions such as the Terracotta Warriors and The Great Wall. The problem with most of these sights however is that they are full of exasperating crowds, tour guides and the prices are also very high. Still, Chines hides a number of less known places perfect for anyone interested in venturing further into the local culture and ge...

Ancient Village of Guoyu Offers Rich Heritage

Dan Rang

Built during the Tang Dynasty, Guoyu Village is nestled in the Town of Beiliue of Yancheng County, Shanxi Province. This ancient village has a warm temperature that lets its locals and tourists enjoy a partially humid monsoon climate every 5 to 6 months. Throughout the year, four distinct seasons are experienced by its people with little rain every spring season and a very cold temperature throughout winter. But apart from its wonderful seasons, there's more to Guoyu for people to go through. ...

Remarkable Nature of Chishui and the Magnificent Shizhangdong Falls

Ashley Nault

Chishui scenic area is a famous China’s off the beaten path destination and national scenic region located in Chishui city, northwest of Guizhou Province. This area shows China’s nature at its best. The region features creaks, green forests, waterfalls, seas of bamboo and the amazing Danxia land formation. Chishui in Chinese means red water. The area got its name from the red sandstones covering the landscape. Additionally, there is a number of rare wild animals you can see. For example bears, ...

Travel: Explore Lichuan’s Forests and Caves

Chris Grad

Finding beautiful, off-beat locations devoid of throngs and bus-loads of tourists in China is not impossible. Lichuan, in the Hubei province in the west of the country, is such a place. Lichuan is known largely for two major attractions. The first of these is the large expanse of metasequoia trees, which are related to the giant redwoods of North America. The second is the world's longest karst limestone cave system. Also dotted with gorges, dams, temples and other attractions nearby, Lichuan i...