Adventure National parks and protected areas

There are hundreds and hundreds of National Parks and Protected Areas in the world and naturally they present a very popular destination for tourists and nature lovers. More and more governments are realizing the need to cooperate with tour operators so that the site is preserved for others and the visitors are satisfied. What are the best practices of such cooperation? What are the hardships?


Tourism in Protected Areas: Friend or Foe?

Samuel Dorsi

Tourism activities in and around protected areas can have both positive and negative impacts on local people and the environment. Tourism can benefit a national park or other protected area by serving as a financing mechanism, with direct revenues from user fees and taxes used to protect biological resources and maintain natural areas. Intangible benefits can include increased awareness of and support for the purpose and role of protected areas, by both local communities and tourists. If tourism...

Tourism Providing Economic Benefits for Nature Conservation

Anna Luebke

The majority of the mainstream tourism sector sees the natural environment as cheap-available resources, which can be exploited for private profit. But, there are examples of partnerships between the tourism sector and protected areas, both private and publicly owned, from which mutual benefits are obtained. On the one hand, there is currently a strong global growth of the demand for recreation opportunities and commercial nature tourism. As a result, the numbers of visitors are increasing and t...

The Case of Lake District National Park

Joe McClain

National park status, the Gold Medal of outstanding landscape, has served well to protect the attractiveness of such designated areas and conserve them for the future. But, such success has also been instrumental in furthering leisure demand which in some areas in terms of the sector which promotes and responds to such demand i.e. tourism, may now overly dominate the local economy. A situation probably not envisaged by Dower (though may have been by Wordsworth!) and one which in combination with...

Natural Partnership: Making National Parks a Tourism Priority

Andrea Hausold

Internationally, Australia is perceived as a clean, green destination. The natural environment is a key element of Australia's global tourism appeal and is an attribute that differentiates Australia from competing tourism destinations globally. Australia's Protected Areas contribute the key elements of this international image. For Australia's tourism industry to reach its full potential, it is vital that Protected Areas are adequately funded and managed; that they provide high quality visitor e...