Tourism Review Online Magazine 9 / 2007

Oct 29, 2007

Dear readers,

the November issue is finally here. Have you ever dreamt of being served by an invisible waiter? Would you like to try to eat your meal under the sea or even in complete darkness? Read about the unique and innovative restaurants of the world. For those who consider booking the chauffeur service for the next business trip there is the Transport section. How to choose the right company? What constitutes a good driver? By the way, what kind of people these chauffeurs really are? National parks are the topic for the Adventure part. It is known that popular tourist sites need to cope not only with the profits but also with the disastrous impact of tourism. What should the national park’s management consider? How can they cooperate with the tour operators? Shouldn’t they just close down the area and preserve it for the future? The last section of the magazine invites you to think about one of the branches of the travel trade – volunteer tourism. What do these trips consist of? What do the volunteers need to know? Can we help at all?

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: “What for the main course, sir?” – Cuisine and Travel

Denise Chen

- Oct 29, 2007
Most of us usually have a wide range of restaurants to choose from when we are hungry, want to meet friends or simply treat ourselves. In such harsh competition many restaurants try to lure guests with their uniqueness. Come and see some of the most interesting ideas in the world of gastronomy.

Adventure National parks and protected areas

Ashley Nault

- Oct 29, 2007
There are hundreds and hundreds of National Parks and Protected Areas in the world and naturally they present a very popular destination for tourists and nature lovers. More and more governments are realizing the need to cooperate with tour operators so that the site is preserved for others and the visitors are satisfied. What are the best practices of such cooperation? What are the hardships?

Transport: Chauffeur services – what is the future

Pat Hyland

- Oct 29, 2007
Uniformed, courteous, skilful – there is numerous other qualities a good chauffeur need to have. What do these people that drive you safely anywhere you need have to know and have to learn? How do you find the best chauffeur service fitting your needs? Anyway, is it worth the money to order such service?

Professional: Volunteer tourism - “we come here to help”

Laura Maudlin

- Oct 29, 2007
Ever thought of working as a volunteer abroad? Ever heard of voluntourism? Thousands of young people as well as retirees travel each year to not only enjoy themselves but to help orphans improve their conditions, to help families building their new homes, to protect wildlife. Go on and learn what it is about, how to arrange your volunteer service and what to be aware of.