Pat Hyland - Jun 21, 2010

Vienna offers adrenalin experience especially now when the famous amusement park Prater has a new attraction, the world’s highest chairoplane.


The new attraction of Vienna that appeals to tourists of surprisingly all ages is called Praterturm. It is a 117-meter-high chairoplane which is as high as a 33 storey building. Customers (24 people in 12 double seats) who dare to try it go up to 95 meters where they “fly” at a speed of 60 kilometers an hour. One ride costs 5 euros per person.

It takes guts to try the ride. Nevertheless, according to the server, people like it. There are seniors as well as families with children among the visitors. They look forward to a beautiful view and an adrenalin rush but they also leave their personal belongings with friends who prefer to stay on the ground. It would not be pleasant to lose a mobile phone or wallet when flying 95 meters above ground at 60 kilometers an hour.

The customers have to fasten their seat belts and then they go up where the wind is strong and almost everyone experience an adrenalin rush. Some of the visitors cry, some are sick. Nevertheless, most of them enjoy it. Some people even think it is not very fast but others recommend not to eat or drink before you go up.

The ride is, of course, not for everyone. Children younger than six are not allowed on the ride as well as those shorter than 120cm or people who have a heart disease or those who are under influence of drugs or alcohol.

Many people are satisfied with much less extreme experience of the 60-meter-high ride that is offered at a famous Wiener Riesenrad, one of the world’s first observation wheels. It was built in 1897 to celebrate Emperor Franz Josef I's golden Jubilee.

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