Richard Moor - May 3, 2010

As a part of construction of a new railway station complex in Vienna the Austrian Federal Railways in cooperation with the city of Vienna decided to build a unique tourism attraction – a 66 meter high wooden observation tower called Bahnorama.


Vienna newly boasts with a unique tourism attraction – the highest wooden observation tower in Europe. Once opened thanks to the tower visitors will have an opportunity to observe the construction of the new main railway station complex. This is also the reason why the 66 meters high tower is called Bahnorama (Bahn means railway in German).

The observatory tower is located on the corner of streets Sonnwendgasse and Favoritenstraße. It was actually assembled from prefabricated spruce wooden parts. Such lattice type of construction enables the tower to be easily and quickly assembled as well as disassembled.

Bahnorama will be used as a lookout tower but also as an information center and unique space for exhibitions. Part of the information center will include a restaurant for visitors and the building will be barrier-free. In months to come the tower will be also equipped with two lifts.

An exhibition about the whole project is planned to help the visitors get an idea how unique and important the tower as well as the railway station is.  The exhibition covering almost 550 square meters will feature a large scale model, presentations, interactive services and other exhibits that should help visitors to learn more about the project.

The new railway station complex is actually in the center of a newly emerging city neighborhood. The construction of the tower was started by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) in cooperation with the city of Vienna.

Bahnorama is scheduled for opening on August 19. The tower will be at its current location for five years and it certainly will draw attention of visitors.

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