Gary Diskin - Jan 28, 2013
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So far, the best tourism record of all time is reason enough for joy and occasion for optimistic plans for the future of Vienna tourism.

An opening statement full of pride and joy: "From January until December, every single month has recorded its overnight stay record in 2012. In total, it's an annual result of 12,3 million overnight stays which surpasses the record from 2011 by 7.5%. The net overnight stay revenue of the Vienna hotel industry will also result in a record result because even though we don't know the numbers from December yet, it's already at 492 million Euro so far." The Vienna tourism director, Norbert Kettner, adds: "For now, that means a plus of 10.2 percent as opposed to the reference period of the previous year, but at the same time also that the net overnight stay revenue of Vienna's lodging establishments will reach half a billion Euro in 2012 for the first time, even distinctly exceed this."

Decent Occupancy Rate

Even though 2,600 new beds were added in the previous year in Vienna and therefore having around 5 percent more available, it was able to increase the average bed occupancy rate to 56.7 percent (2011: 56.5 percent), the room occupancy rate stagnated at around 70 percent. "Please avoid competitiveness and see it positive" Kettner turns to the city hotel industry, "we need creative and successful concepts in every category."

Shared Money with the AUA

The cooperation with the National Carrier Austrian Airlines would like to individually highlight and intensify Kettner, together with the Vienna tourism, a 3,3 million budget will be available, more than ever before. "We also want to expand the long distance flights in the future, on important markets for Vienna", said Peter Thier, company spokesman of the airline. He came to the press conference instead of Carsten Benz because he was stuck in Frankfurt. The destination Chicago shall bring an additional 150,000 people to Vienna starting in May.

New Target Audience in the Homosexual Scene

For 2013, a focus should be put on the lesbian and gay community because the city appeals above average to this target audience. This year, the Vienna tourism and also the airline AUA will increasingly appear on the scene at international events of that scene, especially in Canada and Germany but also in the difficult markets of Russia and India.

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