Andrea Hausold - Apr 25, 2022
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Tourism is a very powerful source of employment in Spain despite the pandemic, not with the same numbers as before of course, but tourism is still above other markets that have been quite affected. However, it should be noted that tourism is a very heterogeneous sector. From hotel managers to a large number of suppliers, the chain of workers involved in tourism activity is extensive.

Tourism is a market that does not stand still and continues to be one of the pillars of the economy. A report by Exceltur revealed that for every 100 tourism jobs, 67 additional jobs are created in related segments.

In the Adecco Salary Guide 2021 you can clearly see which are the best paid tourism-related jobs.


A chef can earn an average salary of between 29,000 and 32,000 euros gross per year, a sum that makes him or her the highest paid profile in the industry. Hiring companies request studies in Gastronomy and Culinary Sciences.

Reception Manager

The average salary per year for reception managers is 24,360 euros. The websites to look for tourism jobs mainly show offers in Catalonia, but it is a position that is highly sought after in all the towns where the tourism sector has an important weight in Spain.


In general, to work as a sommelier more than three years of experience are required, this is why a professional in this field earns around 23,200 euros per year. This is a highly qualified job.

Event Coordinator

An event coordinator can earn a salary of 23,140 euros per year and if he/she has a professional career of more than ten years, he/she could earn up to 30,000 euros gross. Event coordination is an option that is often chosen by people interested in entering the tourism sector.

Room Manager

A prerequisite for a room manager job is having professional training, which is an advantage that allows these workers to earn a salary of approximately 22,350 euros per year.

Customer Experience Consultant

According to Addeco, companies in Madrid are the ones that most require this type of professional. In fact, they employ 65% of them in Spain, offering them an average annual salary of up to 22,335 euros.

Tourism Technician

The Community of Madrid and the Basque Country are the areas of Spain where there is the highest demand for this profile. There, salaries of up to 22,300 euros gross per year can be reached, and if you have extensive experience you can earn more than 26,000 euros.

Travel Agent

The average salary for a travel agent is 19,865 euros per year, with Catalonia being the autonomous community looking the most for this type of professionals.

Tourist guide

A tour guide in Spain can earn an average of 17,215 euros per year, as long as he or she has a university degree in Hospitality and Tourism. This is also true for those with a degree in Geography and History.

Other Types of Tourism Jobs

In the previous section, we have mentioned the main jobs in tourism. But there are other profiles, which may not be well known, but are also part of the jobs generated by the tourism sector.

  • Online travel agent
  • Local tourist guide
  • Accompanying guide
  • Tourist apartment manager
  • Tourism marketing expert
  • Hotel manager
  • Cruise crew member
  • Museum guide
  • Guest relations expert
  • Tourist entertainer

There are other professions related to aviation, i.e. in airlines and airports, both in public and private entities, where you will certainly be able to develop all your skills and knowledge.

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