Denise Chen - Sep 15, 2023
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Some cruises, known as "closed-circuit cruises," return passengers to their original point of departure. Others have ports of call, part of the travel experience. In these cases, the ship may offer tours in some ports of call.

Cruise ships can carry thousands of passengers, so a large team must meet the different service needs during the journey. These cruises offer sleeping facilities, various gastronomic services, and different types of entertainment. Passengers can enjoy swimming pools, sports courts, betting areas, recreational activities, and more.

Cruise ships hire customer service, hospitality experts, and musicians to entertain guests in designated areas. Working on a cruise ship is a superb opportunity for those passionate about cross-cultural experiences, travel, and expanding their world knowledge.


Generally, the crew of a cruise ship come from different parts of the world and spend several months on board the ship before returning to the point from which they departed.

These are some of the most common types of work offered by cruises:

Food and beverages: Cruise ships often have multiple restaurants and bars on board, making the food and beverage crew one of the largest on the ship. Passengers on a cruise typically have access to food and drinks 24 hours a day, which requires a large team to fulfill their requests, clean the area, cook, and serve diners. Due to the long working hours, the demand for this type of work is also quite high. Workers in this area have the advantage of receiving generous tips from tourists.

Cleanliness: The crew is responsible for maintaining the ship, and ensuring the passenger cabins and public areas are in optimal condition is essential for the cruise's upkeep. The crew members range from basic positions, such as chambermaids, to managerial roles, based on experience.

Entertainment: Regarding entertainment, the staff in this area perform similar duties to hotel animators, organizing recreational activities and encouraging tourists to have a good time.

Every large cruise ship has a casino that requires dealers responsible for dealing cards in games like poker or blackjack and other staff who know how to operate certain machines like slots.

Child care: Many people travel with their children on cruises, and finding suitable activities and spaces for minors can be challenging. That's why the team in charge of children's entertainment is essential. These activities cater to various ages, from young children to teenagers.

General Job Requirements

According to experts that handle cruises generally ask for the following requirements to be able to access a job:

  • Be over 21 years old.
  • Have a level of English according to the position requested.
  • Have a certificate of no criminal record.
  • Have a valid passport.
  • Have a medical certificate that complies with what the company requests.
  • Have a US C1/D visa.

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