Bill Alen - Sep 7, 2023
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The travel industry has transformed in recent years. Travelers now seek tailor-made, atypical, or eco-responsible trips rather than mass tourism.

What is a Travel Planner?

The profession of Travel Planning is the new future. A Travel Planner usually works independently and creates customized trips for individuals, travel agencies, tourist offices, tour operators, and hotels. They organize different types of stays, such as tailor-made trips, honeymoons, group stays, or seminars. The purpose of this profession is to "disintermediate" the tourism sector and create offers far from over-tourism and generate additional income.

Their primary responsibilities include finding the cheapest flights, locating the best accommodations, and booking excursions and activities. While organizing holidays may be a hassle for some, others find it enjoyable.

The Advantages of a Travel Planner

Many people wonder why they should use a Travel Planner instead of a travel agency. The truth is, Travel Planners do not have any specific partners, hotels, or activities to promote. Therefore, they are not motivated by commissions like a traditional travel agency. At the same time, Travel Planners are not interested in selling overly expensive trips. They are there to help their customers save both time and money.

The Disadvantages of a Travel Planner

Despite the financial benefits the customer may receive, booking travel arrangements through online services comes with different guarantees and support traditional travel agencies offer. If there are any issues during the trip, the customer cannot access assistance. In contrast, traditional travel agencies have access to protection insurance funds and professional liability insurance, which allows them to help their customers even if they are on the other side of the world.

The salary of a Travel Planner

A Travel Planner's salary largely depends on the number of invoices issued. Their remuneration depends on several factors, such as the number of customers, project type, allotted time, and rates. However, Glassdoor suggests that the average base salary of a travel planner in France is 2,261 euros net per month.

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