Joe McClain - Nov 12, 2012
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Grabbing customers' attention is always challenging, particularly for small and medium-size travel businesses with limited marketing and advertising budgets.

There are basically two ways for increasing targeting traffic to the website. The first one, the most obvious one that does not require special knowledge, is online advertising, including well-known context adverts or banners posting. Smart search engine optimization is another option allowing smaller tour operators or other inbound travel service providers to attract more targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo and even more from foreign search engines to company’s website. However, search engine optimization (SEO) requires special knowledge and continuing attention in order to succeed in getting to the first positions of the best-known search engines.

Tourism Review marketers, being aware of the online marketing issues for travel and tourism industry, have developed brand new travel and tourism industry focused solutions for inbound travel service providers.

The Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) solutions are designed specifically for travel and tourism industry. This cost-effective yet unique tool is an ongoing online marketing package that includes elements of SEO, SEM and SMM as well as a crucial online reputation advance scenario.

The word “INTEGRATED” is a key for understanding the solution’s coverage. A very comprehensive toolset is included in the package. There are for example traditional publicity through press releases and advertorial content, sponsorship of featured articles, social media exposure, video marketing in tourism etc.

The very unique feature of the above packages is the multilingual tourism marketing approach. The promotion is provided in five language editions of the Tourism Review Digital Network. This simply means for any of the Tourism Review’s partners the penetration into local travel tourism markets – Russia, Germany, and the fragmented but growing tourism markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Speaking to potential customers or partners in the local language is an unbeatable opportunity introduced by the Tourism Review team through Integrated Marketing solutions.

There are two IMS options on offer:

IMS Unlimited – for intensive online appearance and online reputation building over the global Tourism Industry

IMS Smart – for online communication in tourism and successful SEO development with a limited budget

The IMC solution follows four essential targets in order to market customer's travel services:

- growing overall internet reputation of the travel business/facility/destination;

- enhancing “searchability” (progressing SEO) of the partner’s web page over search engines;

- developing awareness among potential stakeholders/partners worldwide;

- attracting additional highly targeted traffic (direct and from SE) to the partner’s website.

For further details, please contact TR CRM:

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