Theodore Slate - May 29, 2017
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Native content advertisement is one of the latest trends of the online marketing world. Many businesses complain about low conversion rates. This type of advertising might be quite helpful.  

Native content advertisement in tourism is now essential. When a potential traveler visits a website that provides information on interesting sights, hotels to book, car rentals to use and any kind of information related to the tourism destination, he or she is looking for valuable information that is entirely related to local travel opportunities. This is the reason why they are very likely to skip any banners that show anything that is not strictly related to their travel.

It might seem like ads about clothing or vacations would convert well, but if they are looking at a page for booking hotels, they will not find an ad about summer clothing to look native at all. On the other hand, if you have an ad that talks about hotels and seems to be part of the article instead of an unrelated ad, you will see that people are more likely to respond to it.

For example, let’s say that the article title is “how to book a good hotel for your next vacation”. You could create an ad that is hyperlinked in the text and it could be as simple as writing something like “The Windsor Hotel gets booked online all the time”. This means you are directly advertising the Windsor hotel, but it feels like a natural part of your article and that is why it converts much better than a regular ad.

Native Content Advertisement in Tourism

If you have a highly successful website that is in any way related to tourism, you know you are competing with millions of sites globally and at least thousands of sites locally. This means that you need to make sure that you upgrade your marketing skills to get the best possible conversions. Most tourism sites make a large amount of their income by working as affiliates and partners with hotels, car rentals, airlines and other related services, so it is extremely important for them to be able to increase their level of engagement to improve conversions when content marketing alone is not providing the expected results. Native content advertisement in tourism is very helpful to reach more bookings and conversions. 

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