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Andrew J. Wein - Nov 19, 2012


It is a challenge to draw customers' attention, particularly for small travel businesses with small marketing budgets, according to Mr. Heger, head of  the CRM of the Tourism Review Digital Network, a multilingual travel industry news portal.

Suggesting that the best way to level the playing field is in the utilization of search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, Martin is claiming its primary benefit is in allowing smaller tour operators to attract more targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo and even more from foreign search engines, such as for example Russian Yandex, to company’s website.

Supporting his claim, Martin has revealed a low cost yet very efficient SEO solution for new customers acquisitions. It is what he has called: “Enhanced Listing”, a service that is currently being offered by Global Tour Operators Directory.

Along with basic information, the Global Tour Operators Directory listing covers a raft of goodies including: company’s logo/illustration, a short description, and most importantly a hyperlink to the company website.

“As a matter of fact, the listing in the Global Tour Operators Directory isn’t just a single listing, but rather a total of five listings in five different language versions of the Directory,” says Martin, who notes search is the second most common activity on the Internet after e-mail; 99.5% of Web users are searching. People are searching for things and will find your competition.

Also, beside the Global Edition, the directory also supports listings in German, Russian, plus other niche specific language editions. According to Martin, that means “each tour operator is listed five times with five hyperlinks and five descriptions in five languages” which he has dubbed the new “SEO Triple (5x5x5) Plan”.

Having said all the aforementioned, Martin has left the good news for last. According to him, the good news for all tour operators, big, medium, even tiny ones is the pricing, which the Tourism Review marketing team currently offers. The deal is that customers pay the first year and get the second year listing for free.

“So with one listing/hyperlink cost per month under just $2 this is an unbeatable solution for improving tour operators’ website SEO for any size of the travel business,” says the Tourism Review representative, who besides using the services of various news agencies, their multilingual team of editors and authors also produce dozens of news stories in order to provide the readers with information related to their travel business needs.

Besides the extensive range of tourism industry news channels the Tourism Review offers, the team of tourism marketing professionals also provides a mixed set of tourism marketing tools:

Tourism Review started off as an online news service for the niche of travel trade professionals. Today Tourism Review Digital Network represents a range of regional editions in different languages.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Martin Heger,

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  1. where can i get hold of the global tour operaors directory. i have tried on the internet and it does not come up .. does it have another name ..please urgently advise..

    elsa goncalves (United Kingdom)

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