Multilingual SEO: international search engine optimisation & marketing in tourism industry

Multilingual SEO in Tourism

Can your website, the most valuable internet property, be found by foreign search engines? As the latest studies reveal in many cases it is not so. It is a problem, especially in tourism and hospitality industry, because currently about 75% internet users worldwide browse non-English internet pages and more than 98 % of them use their native language when searching online. In practice it means, for example, that German travel & tourism professional search in German within or Russian travel agent looks for information in Russian within the most popular search engine etc.

Tourism Review Digital Network customers may benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the global, multi-language marketplace with clear focus on tourism and hospitality industry. To travel trade marketers we deliver both significant growth with respect to brand awareness as well as valuable increase of international visibility online. Our localized approach to multilingual search engine marketing means that each market is assessed and handled differently. NO other company in tourism industry worldwide takes multilingual search engine marketing as genuinely as Tourism Review online marketing department does.

We are dedicated to generating business development in many parts of the world for our customers within tourism industry globally and locally.

Challenges for travel businesses and tourism organization in foreign Search Engine Marketing:

  • Translating the keywords
  • Responding to local differences
  • Lack of research
  • Submitting data to local SE

The approach of Tourism Review to Multilingual Search Engine Marketing in Tourism:

  • Handling keywords and localized translation
  • Multi-lingual SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Local link building – in-language services
  • In-language press release (PR) creation and distribution
  • In-language blog & social media marketing
  • Localized video production and online distribution

Solution of Tourism Review Solutions for Delivering Local SEO Expertise in Tourism Industry:

  • Foreign Market Boost – one time package:
    The package includes local keyword research, creation and optimization of a landing page (entry page) in line with your website design, and submitting optimized landing page to local search engines.
  • Foreign Market Development – one year package:
    The package includes foreign market boosting services plus a number of continual online communication services to develop your business further. The intensity of such regular online promotion services are agreed individually. The usual set of services for the local (regional) tourism market includes the following online marketing tools: in-language press release creation, hosting, and distribution; in-language blog posting; in-language article marketing; local social media marketing; and local video marketing.

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