Pat Hyland - Apr 19, 2022
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For several years now, social networks have been trying to support brands' communication in the best possible way. If Facebook or Linkedin are the historical networks, the emergence of new platforms such as Instagram brings a fresh wind. But how does Instagram improve the visibility of tourism brands?

"90% of users follow a business on Instagram". Here is the statistic that should make all companies want to sign in to the platform created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. In the age of digital technology and social networks, companies are becoming aware of the importance of their digital communication.

Facebook Is Marking Time

Although it is still the social network with the most members in the world, Facebook seduces less. From 2019 to 2020, Mark Zuckerberg's application is the only one to have observed no membership development while all its competitors are recording growth rates above 20%. The interface no longer has the same appeal. Fashions are changing. Facebook seems to be less in tune with current trends. Young people are turning more to new networks and alternatives are asserting themselves like Instagram.


Tourism brands and companies are now using Instagram where travel occupies one of the most popular themes. Agencies as well as the entire sector are resolutely turning to this application with its variegated logo.

While 25 million businesses currently have accounts on Instagram, the platform boasts global popularity: in 2021, it counted more than 1.3 billion monthly active users. In addition to reaching all ages, Instagram is expanding worldwide. Although the US is the network's largest user base (140 million users), 88% of adherents are not domiciled in that country.

Whether it is for entertainment, conversation, or information, Instagram is becoming a fixture in our landscape. In 2019, the platform had over 500 million daily users. Even more encouraging for professionals, 81% of users say they use Instagram to discover new products and services.

Every day, more than 200 million users visit the profiles of companies or brands. Since the health crisis accompanied by all kinds of bans, the world is experiencing a desire to travel. Tourism brands will have every interest in being active on the platform in order to capture a captive audience. What could be better than posting landscapes, colorful pictures or popular destinations of the moment?

Enabling System

This is obviously what Instagram is all about: posting photos and videos from around the world. The tourism sector is the one that relies most on images. With websites, promoting the beauty of places/trips is not so easy while Instagram is establishing itself as the escape and promotion network for tourist places. Publications allow all your followers (and non-subscribers if your profile is public) to access content that evokes evasion. In the professional field, this network brings an excellent alternative to promote a service related to tourism.

The Story System

Stories represent an ephemeral format used to inform about a piece of temporary news. Relying on this type of dynamic content allows you to capture attention over a longer period of time. It becomes a real lever to arouse the desire of travelers to escape. These small photos or videos, available 24 hours a day, have become a means of expression in their own right. Influencers and humorists use them every day, and media even offer content adapted to this format.


The hashtags system is also a good way to reference the posts of your tourism brand. Inserting hashtags in a post allows you to send it directly to a database specially dedicated to this specific keyword. By the way, trip or travel hashtags are the most popular content on the platform. In addition, many monuments and must-see places are specified in the publications. With all this, it's self-evident that travel is at the center of the Instagram theme.

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