Ashley Nault - May 3, 2021
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If all goes well, the UK will lift the ban on British tourists traveling abroad as of May 17, 2021. For several months, the population has been banned from leaving the country for leisure travel.

Experts believe that the pandemic has given Generation Z travel enthusiasts plenty of time to rethink what's important to them when it comes to travel.

This generation was born into the world of social media. In a recent study, experts wanted to know what content on social networks particularly annoys them.

Captions like "catch flights, not feelings" or "my Monday is better than yours" will soon be history for them. 42% of respondents said that such clichéd captions bothered them. Re-enacting "popular" poses in front of landmarks, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, is also not well received by young people, as 35% stated. Also unpopular with 26% is posting selfies with tan lines. This is closely followed by overly amorous photos of couples (25%).

93% Are Already Planning Trips

It is pleasing to note that the younger generation has not lost its optimism for exploring foreign countries in the near future. 93% of respondents said they were already planning a future trip.

32% of those who already have travel plans want to visit a dream destination that is far from home. Another 29% wish to check off activities on their bucket list. Also, 29% of respondents said they want to explore nature. Learning about the native culture of the destination country is what 26% of respondents who are already planning a trip want. And another 25% said that the most important thing for them is to have time to relax and unwind.

It has been a discouraging year for young people, but the study results show they are resilient and ready to bounce back with new travel experiences. Moreover, the study also showed that generation Z is fed up with the polished Insta-worthy experiences most are exposed to these days. Instead, they're looking for authentic travel experiences.

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