Ashley Nault - Aug 26, 2013

When most people go on holiday, they immediately think of finding a place somewhere close to the sea with a great beach, or a hotel with a lovely pool, but if you’re looking for somewhere truly beautiful to relax and bathe, look at some of the world’s most beautiful lakes. Why not take a trip to one of these lakes and explore a variety of bargain holidays online, where you can select the best deal in order to get the most from your trip?

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Set in Croatia, the striking Plitvice Lakes are a deep marine blue and are surrounded by stunning, green tree covered cliffs. Beautiful waterfalls complete the scene at these lakes which are included on the UNESCO World Heritage register.

Lake Malawi, Malawi

Located in Malawi in Africa, Lake Malawi in the ninth largest in the world, with a length of 363 miles, so it feels a bit like a sea. It is home to 1000 species of fish, estimated to be more than any other lake in the world, and its crystal clear waters make it the perfect place for snorkelling.

Taal Lake, Philippines

This lake in the Philippines is a whopping 564 feet deep and is the setting for one of the world’s most active volcanoes, the Taal Volcano. Formed from a volcanic crater, this lake combines beauty with danger but is still a hotspot for tourist groups – the reward must outweigh the risks.

Yucatan Cave Lake, Mexico

This stunning lake in Mexico is located inside a cave, giving it a beautifully eerie atmosphere. Light and water pour down from the Earth’s surface into this magical lake – you will struggle to find a more impressive place to swim in the world.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Created by a freak movement in the Earth’s crust, which saw a giant glacier turn into a huge hollow, this lake in Slovenia is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful. A small island is the middle is home to a hauntingly isolated and stunning tower.

Lake Louise, Canada

This lake in Alberta, Canada is another glacial lake and reflects the surrounding mountains and pine trees delicately in its shimmering waters. Bonuses include a nearby ski resort where you can also try out the sport of heli-skiing.

Tahoe Lake, USA

This 21 mile long lake in North America is one of the world’s oldest and purest. Its greatest feature comes in the way in changes colour during different hours of daylight, making it a fantastic spectacle.

Loch Lomond, Scotland

In a truly Scottish setting, Loch Lomond is flanked by rough hills and medieval castles, and has several islands within. Some are big enough to live on, whilst others get submerged when the water level rises. Inchmurrin, the largest island, is home to a 14th century castle and 7th century monastery.

Lake Saif Ul Malook, Pakistan

This Pakistani lake is particularly beautiful at sunrise, when the light shimmers down across the surrounding snowy mountains and creates a beautiful reflection in the crisp, clear water. With its grassy banks, this lake is also a great place to relax in tranquillity.

Lake Garda, Italy

The best of the Italian lakes, Lake Garda is also the largest and is very popular with holidaymakers. It boasts hot springs on its southern shore and the Dolomites peaks to the north, whilst it is also surrounded by pretty resort towns and quaint pebbled beaches.

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    The first photograph of a flat calm lake displayed in your article yesterday about the Top Ten Lakes Around the World does not have a name, but looks remarkably like Lake Taupo locaqted in the centre of the North island of New Zealand, and is New Zealand\'s largest Lake (606 sq Kms). can you please confirm if the photo is in fact of Lake Taupo? If it is, then I can tell you that is the same view that we get from our Holiday Home on the Shores of Lake Taupo. We look straight across to those hills in the background, and the Mountains to the left which are not shown in your photograph. As a keen photographer, I have taken many photographs over the years of that same view, both in

    Guy King (New Zealand)

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