Lisa Wallin - Sep 20, 2022
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Individually, each of the five Great Lakes—Superior, Michigan, Erie, and Huron—is breathtaking. The Great Lakes together make up the world's biggest body of fresh water, with Lake Superior alone spanning over 300 miles from east to west. Superior and the northern parts of Lake Michigan provide spectacular rocky peninsulas, jagged cliffs, tree-covered islands, huge dunes, and desolate beaches that can hold their own against any shoreline. In comparison to the locations surrounding Lake Erie and the southern environs of Lakes Huron and Michigan, where slow waves lap against enormous metropolitan areas and harbors that have witnessed better days, these natural wonders are a sight to see.

Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are some of the primary states that border the American side of the lakes, and they all share this combination of natural beauty and industrialization to varying degrees. With its wonderful buildings, museums, theaters, and restaurants, Chicago is a worthwhile visit, but it is not representative of the whole area. Neither is Detroit, with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Within the first hundred miles or so of the lakeshore, there are tens of thousands of relatively small lakes and plunging streams dispersed throughout a lush rural wilderness, particularly in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Further than that, you are soon in the heart of the Corn Belt, where you will drive for hours and see little more than a series of intersection communities, concrete structures, and massive barns.

Without a vehicle, getting through the Great Lakes area can be difficult, but it's certainly doable with some advanced preparation. There are regular bus and air links between the major cities, and Amtrak stops in most major locations at least once daily. What's best is that the Great Lakes, especially Michigan, now have online casinos. You may play a broad range of slot machines and table games at Michigan's reputable online casinos. There are 14 online gambling apps that allow you to play for real money, so it's simply a question of picking the one that works best for you. There's something for everyone at Michigan's online casinos, which offer everything from live casino games to poker machines and the most up-to-date slot machines.

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Tips to Visit the Great Lakes in Just a Day

While there's nothing better than getting away for a week, sometimes life gets in the way. That's why we made this itinerary so that you may see all five Great Lakes in a single day. It's time to hit the road, so don't forget your passport, swimwear, and towel.

Lake Michigan

Get up at the crack of dawn (6:15) and go to the beach. How can one best get themselves awake? Relax with a brief swim in the lake. After that, dry off and lie on the sand while listening to the ocean. Lake Superior is waiting for you at the next stop, so don't linger too long. By 6:45 am, you should have everything loaded into the vehicle and be on the road.

Lake Superior

Sault Ste. Marie is a historic town that you must see at 8:45 in the morning. Keep in mind that the lake's depth makes it chilly all year long. After ten (or two) minutes in the water, get out, re-layer, and go to the Superior Coffee Co. for some morning fuel.

Lake Huron

Get into the city of Port Austin by 2 pm on the "Sunrise Coast." Turnip Rock, named for its resemblance to the vegetable, is a landmark in this region that can only be reached by paddling out to it from the edge of the lake. Relax with a swim in the lake before you leave for your next destination.

Lake Ontario

Visit Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, for a brief swim in Lake Ontario. You've made it to the list's penultimate lake at this point! Get your feet wet in the refreshing water and take some pictures before it's time to go to your last destination.

Lake Erie

Reach Port Stanley, Ontario, as the day comes to an end. The day will soon be over, and you'll be eager to cool down in the last lake of the day as the sun sets. With its average depth of just 62 feet, Lake Erie is the hottest lake you could ever touch in the midst of a scorching summer.

The five Great Lakes can be visited in a single day by following these simple steps. As you plan your trip, do not forget to pack the travel essentials and some extra cash to try your luck at betting!

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