HERITAGE/ Fabulous Lakes around the World

Discover the beautiful lakes in UK, Finland or even Malawi. Enjoy your time on a boat with a fishing rod or simply swimming and sunbathing.


Discover the Beauty of Lake Windermere

Larry Brain

Windermere, the largest natural lake in the Lake District has been one of England’s most popular places for holiday and summer home. Located within the Lake District National Park amidst foothills providing for pleasant walks, this ribbon lake formed in a glacial derives its name from the Scandinavian word for 'lake of a man called Vinandr'. There are two towns on the lake – Bowness-on-Windermere and Ambleside. The beautiful Windermere town, a mile off from the lake bustles with p...

Kuopio Region: Unforgettable Experiences in central Finland

Denise Chen

Top locations and conditions for all kinds of pursuits all year round await you right at the heart of the wonderfully scenic Lake District of Finland – the Finnish Lakeland in the Kuopio region. Its central location in the middle of Finland and excellent transport connections make the region an easy destination from anywhere. 50 min. flight from Helsinki and the plane lands at one of the most beautiful airports in the world, Kuopio Airport, located by a lake. Also the railway connection be...

Lake Malawi: The African Heritage

Theodore Slate

A shimmering jewel in the crown of one of the most naturally beautiful corners of Southern Africa, Lake Malawi’s great expanse of fresh water stretches across approximately one fifth of the country, providing in many ways the lifeblood of this tiny nation. Ebbing and flowing into every part of Malawian life, the Lake brings sustenance, livelihood, tourism and leisure and forms an integral part of Malawi’s cultural heritage. Sometimes known as the ‘Calendar Lake’ because it is 365 miles long a...

Wild Taiga – The Northern Jewel

Sara Thopson

Imagine wilderness of rich evergreen forests, dotted with pure water lakes and bathed in endless sun. In Wild Taiga, the most northern part of the Finnish Lakeland, close to the Russian border you will find a jewel of nature tucked away in the Wild Taiga forests. In fact it is so rare and special a gem, it was awarded the European commissions’ Destination of Excellence for 2008. The forests in Kuhmo and Suomussalmi are filled with mammals, especially large carnivores, which are very rar...