Laura Maudlin - Nov 21, 2011
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Sport fans are the most faithful admirers and very often they are willing to invest a lot of their time and money to support their favorite team. Their presence at sport happenings certainly pays off. Sports tourism is developing at impressive speed and features great investment opportunities.

Sports enthusiasts represent one of the most powerful ‘consumer’ groups. They often travel massive distances in order to cheer for their team of choice, are often willing to spend shocking amounts of money for tickets and accommodation and while supporting their own team, more importantly, they support local economies.

Sport tourism is one of the fastest growing branches of the tourism industry. The World Cup in South Africa in 2010 or the recent Rugby World Cup in New Zealand are proof enough the fans always follow and spend millions. In Canada alone, locals spend $3-4 million annually while visiting sporting events across the country.

Canada certainly has an eye for sport talents. Hardly a weekend passes without a major game or competition and locals are keen supporters and spectators. It is not only a question of big championships with great reputation, but also smaller events are gaining in popularity. And now, they have a special organization to gain support and guidance from; The Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA) focuses on not only promoting the country abroad, but also provides advice and support for member organizations which are involved in the sports industry.

Big championships not only bring in cash, but also create jobs and support other industries. That is why CSTA is trying to create a network of companies and organizations. They collaborate with municipalities in order to help them get the most out of their local sporting events and assist with the organization.

Already, there are some 400 members, including 145 municipalities. And the network is still growing. Such initiatives are a clear proof that there is great future for sports tourism, which is worth investing into.

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