Anna Luebke - Nov 23, 2009
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The SA is the host of the next year’s Fifa World Cup and it faces serious challenges. The prices of accommodation have considerably increased, which could scare off tourists from coming back to the SA next time. There are also problems with transportation.  South Africa is to host the 2010 Fifa World Cup. The event is viewed a great opportunity to show the world the SA as an ideal tourism destination. The country surely has lots to offer. There are game parks as well as beautiful beaches. The event could, however, even harm the SA tourism industry in long term as the experts have been warning for some time. Everything depends on how the SA presents itself during the month long championship.There are already several issues that trouble the organizers. For example the providers of accommodation plan to cash heavily on the lack of rooms in the area. Some places have increased their prices 6 times over the last few months. Experts warn that such approach may bring the owners considerable sums of money this time but it will also prevent tourists from coming back to the South African Republic. No one likes to go on vacation to a place where they were ripped off. The word of mouth spreads unpleasant experiences quite fast and it is particularly hard to change tourists mind once they have decided that this is a too expensive destination. Nevertheless, an estimated 450,000 foreign visitors are coming to the event and it seems unlikely that the businesses would decrease their prices. After all it is always about the demand and the supply. Another problem that could arouse during the World Cup is connected with transportation. SA officials planned to have a high-speed train ready for the tournament that would transport visitors who arrive at the Johannesburg airport to other places where the matches take place. Unfortunately the project will not be ready before the event starts. Taxis and shuttle buses will have to do the job which could result in serious transportation problems and traffic jams. Related: 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP: SA GETTING READY

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  1. Fifa World Cup

    Oh boy! It is the honest few like ourselves that are keeping our prices at the same rate as this year who are going to suffer in the long run, because of greedy nobodys that are opening shop just for the world cup offering accommodation, shuttles etc and once the world cup is over they don't care about what happens next year!!!

    (South Africa)
  2. Your point is valid and I am sure there will be many looking to cash in. That's unfortunately human nature and not perculiar to SA.
    However the quality of the writing lin this article leaves much to be desired and undermines the credibility of the reporter.
    Quality seems to go out the window when publishing 'online'.
    Take the trouble to use a proof reader next time.
    By the way SA officials did not 'plan to have a high-speed traing ready' this was not part of the bid proposal but merely coincidental.

    (South Africa)

  3. Poor article, nothing to support any of the statements made. As mentioned already the High speed train was never planned for the world cup and only operates between Pretoria and JHB when complete. It does not have anything to do with Durban or Cape Town, the other host cities.

    As for the "traffic jams" South Africa has just come off hosting the IPL cricket, Cricket world cup 20/20, British and Irish Lions rugby and the Confed cup Football.All without any problems with regards to transport. Sure traffic will be busy driving to the stadiums on match day but by no means will the host cities be unbearable to drive in during the tournament. I can put money down that the "journalist" has never been to South Africa and seen the infrastructure or experienced the huge sporting events that are held in South Africa.

    An article like this can do so much damage for no reason at all. Do some proper research and don't pull rumors out the air. South Africa is more than ready and will put on an excellent show. Its written as if South Africa have already failed and ripped people off and the damage has done.

    (United Kingdom)
  4. The way this article has been written and then published is embarrassing.

    (United Kingdom)
  5. I tend to fully agree with Rich and Sam. The article is not only poorly written but also contains no factual or valid points. Working in the hospitality industry I am fully aware of what the capabilities are not only of our infrastructure however also on our offering to the world with regards to transportation and accommodation. With an event of this magnitude there will be obvious challenges regardless of which country it is held in. I am proudly South Africa, a pragmatic one at that thus I look forward to showing the world exactly what our country and our people are capable of.

    (South Africa)
  6. Mr

    I am a Guest House owner (Penny Farthing)and a Tour Guide doing Tours to the Battlefields of Kwa Zulu - Natal. Accommodation suppliers and Tour guides made an undertakaing that no costs will be increased beyond that forced on us by inflation and incedental cost escalation. We will not rip off visitors to the World Cup.
    Car rentals and availability could become problamatic

    (South Africa)

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