Richard Moor - Sep 9, 2013
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According to the recently released Post Office Travel Money Activity Barometer, 75% of UK nationals aged between 18 and 64 are willing to try a new activity while on holiday. Of the greatest appeal are high adrenaline physical sports.

In a list of 27 activities that came up during the poll, rally driving and adventure sports topped the list of activities that UK holiday makers were willing to try. It was also revealed that about two thirds of the travelers had already taken part in at least one of the 27 activities in the survey.

65% of holiday makers aged between 35 and 44 and 38% aged 55-64 were willing to try rally driving on their future holiday. They were willing to part with GBP 112 on average to be behind the wheel of a rally car. This budget however falls below the cost of a single rally session in a number of overseas destinations.

Adventure sports were classified in the following scales: 49% were willing to try scuba diving at a cost of GBP 83. This was well within the range across 8 overseas destinations where the cost was GBP 36-80. 47% were willing to try water skiing at a cost of GBP 64 with the market price ranging GBP 43- 57.

43% would try white water rafting at an average cost of GBP 68. The cost varied GBP 40-80. 41% would be willing to try canoeing at a cost of GBP 57. The market cost across 10 destinations was as low as GBP 5. 44% would part with GBP 51 for sailing. This could only cater for a half day sail in Cape Town. Others ranged from between GBP 266- 300.

Surfing and kite surfing would have 40% of UK holiday makers engage in them for a cost of GBP 59. The cost per lesson is way cheaper than having a beginner's course that rates at GBP 400 where an hour is GBP 44.

41% planned to try out snowboarding on holiday and were open to parting with averagely GBP 81. Even though most winter sports destinations refused to offer training, the market range is GBP 47-62. Altogether, water based sports stood at 40% on the preference table for UK holiday makers. 45% of these very active holiday makers would be willing to try jungle trekking with a budget of GBP 80. Most trekking tours were cheaper than this estimate with some going to as low as GBP 15.

With the growing intention for people to engage in sports while on holiday, people should learn to research and consult widely as they prepare to head to holiday destinations. This will help them plan their finances more accurately. Holiday makers should adopt a way in which they can carry foreign currency on their trips. It may be cheaper to exchange the currency at home rather than in overseas destinations. A clear plan may also reveal the cost of training for the activities to be taken. A good comparison can then be made and a cheaper module chosen.


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